Mr Norris

There was a rumour Mr Norris was gay. He was a strict Christian, unmarried and he would walk around naked when we were changing. He had a big circumcised c*** which he would sometimes brush against us boys as we all got changed together after swimming. He changed next to me one day and when i looked at his c*** i got a massive h******. i tried to hide it and just ended up pushing myself against him and i felt his c*** harden. i stayed still but shaking and kept my pressure against his c*** until he turned away. I was shaking like a leaf and my c*** was so hard I thought I was about to c**. I bolted for the shower. Mr Norris came into the shower cubicle behind me and I felt his hard c*** against my bottom so I bent over a little and I felt his c*** slip against my a****** and i pushed back trying to take him into me, he was surprised and pulled back a bit so i pushed back on his c*** and I felt the big head push its way past my r***** and he thrust his c*** in me deeper and started to f*** me a little deeper each time until i felt his c*** pulsing as he pumped a huge load deep in me. We never said a word aboutit but I let him f*** me quite a few times after that.

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  • If his first name is Chuck tell it to TMZ

  • This sounds a little like a dream zzzz zzz zz z time to wake up

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