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I was playing a game similar to sims I am a woman who met a woman on there she told me she had a gf but we could be together on the game .I didn't care so we did then we started talking real life when I seen her damn she was so fine to me she been with her gf for three years .I've knew her for 3 days then and we started catching feelings I broke it off with her out of respect she got upset bc felt stupid for falling for me on a game bc we both have real life feelings for each other . Her gf is always at work ,recently the girl I'm talking about went out of town her gf didn't come along and I found myself talking to her til six in the morning .Thinking about her she about me she says she wants to visit me and may not make it back we have both fallin for each other but I tell her all the time she's mine but not fully mine .We haven't spoken in 3 days bc her gf came to ride back with her I don't think this will last but nethed one of us is letting go WTF should I do.

May 17, 2015

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  • She's not available. And you really don't know her true story. She could be telling you lies, you really don't know. Just because someone tells you something, doesn't mean it's true. Especially where gaming and internet relationships are concerned..people aren't always truthful. When someone is not happy in a relationship, of course they are going to say things about their S.O. to gain sympathy. You're going to get your heart tied into something that may never develop into anything. If that other girl was single and available, then it would be one thing but that's not the case. It just sounds complicated and filled with drama. Surely, there are other girls out there for you to actually meet. Just be careful.

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