Tricking girlfriend and her brother in their mums bed

I confessed on here last week how I've been writing naughty letters to my ex girlfriends mum.

She is a 60 yr grandmother now, but she's still a proper dirty cow

She was a single 37 yr old mum back then.

my girlfriend and her brother always thought it was funny to show me round her mums bedroom, they loved showing me where she hid her p*** mags, I pretended to find it well funny. "What else has she got I joked"

they then showed me her d****,
haha!!, how we laughed!!
They even thought it was funny when I put it in my mouth and sucked it like a d***.(I not gay but wanted to taste it)

I kept them laughing as long as I could, I made them watch me do a top 10 of blow jobs.

it was sooo funny!! They loved it.

I had never been so turned on in my life.

The real turn on was for me was fooling my girlfriend and her brother
into thinking it was all just a laugh,

I loved them both watching me as I sucked it, it tasted quite salty around the base, I knew what this taste was!. I wanted more!

"I had a great idea
I then turned the toy around and put the base in my mouth with the rest sticking out, I then pretended to smoke it like a fat cigar, I kept them laughing with a few jokes as I put my wet lips around the toy I began to spin it. I could really taste it now.
I kept on swallowing my spit until I thought I could smell it on my own breath.

Afterwards, I couldn't wait to have s** with my girlfriend, I demanded to lick her out first, I loved comparing mother and daughter's p**** juice flavor.

A few weeks later I asked my girlfriend to use her mums toy on her...
and she agreed. We used to use it alot after that. Id always insist on making it wet first, she didnt mind at all.
I loved her to watch me as I put this thing that goes up her mums f**** every night in my mouth. (I'm sure she knew I was enjoying it)

Once I tried to get her to suck it. I was on top of her during s** and I put it between our lips, I then pushed it into her mouth, "show me how you'd suck c*** babe" she did for a bit, but then said "thats been up my mum!" I felt a bit bad and just said "I cleaned it first"
We carried on using it on her and she never minded me sucking on it straight out of her minnie and putting it back in.

It was so obvious I was being a pervert, I think she just turned a blind eye.

one time she said we can't use the toy cause her mum has hidden it away. I replied "I know where she hides it, I'll go get it from her bedroom. "
I thought she would ask how I knew where it was, but she just turned a blind eye again.

I was sure she knew I was regularly sneaking into her mums bedroom for a w*** at her p*** mags.

I managed to move in with them after I said my mum had kicked me out. I stayed for about 3 years.

Being out of work I spent a lot of time alone in there house,

Most of the time I would be in her mums bedroom wanking off at her dirty mags.

im sure they all knew but didn't mind.

she was 40 I was 16
after telling her that I used to w*** in her clean knickers every time I was alone at their house ( which was every day)

May 22, 2015

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  • Man what a Guy you are, you should have f***** them both together and jumped from an old p**** to the young p**** and cummed in both fannies....

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