I 've just wanked over my mum again

I have just spied on my.mum undressing again and had a w*** as I watched.
I just had to see.her.t*** and her hairy f****

My k*** gets so hard as look at my mums body in every detail.without her knowing
.I'll probably be awake all-night now wanking over my.mum.
If she knew that fitting that keyhole on her bedroom door to stop me sniffing her dirty knickers would let me watch her.naked she.wouldn't have fitted
I often go through her knicker draw while she's out and imagine her wearing different knickers.
Mum has two see through lace knickers , one black.and one brown pair I'd love to see her wearing these clearly displaying her f**** hair.

Mum keeps her durex in her lace knickers for when her boyfriend comes round.to.f***.her.
One night I.watched mum undress and lay on her bed waiting from Johnny to f*** her .ny
I felt .guilty watching so didn't watch my mym being f***** . I wish I had.



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  • Wow!

    That’s soo hot. You should watch her get f*****.

  • Boy you are another one who writes fake posts about incest. Do you really want your mom that way? Whats wrong with you, did mommy drop you on your head when you where a baby. Did she smoke or do drugs while she was pregnant with you?

  • Why do you think my post is fake ?
    Every word is.true.
    I still.at home.with my mum.and two younger brothers.
    I love to see my mum.naked but.have to spy on her to see what I want.
    Have you never done that ?
    To me it's natural.
    I w*** as I watch my mum.and yes I'd love to f*** her but know I never will

  • I'd love to f*** my mum too! I used to see her naked in the bath and I love her body! Mum/son s** is hot!!

  • Grow a pair and seduce your mum.

  • If only I knew where to start.
    I think about f****** my mum .every night while sniffing her dirty knickers and remembering what her hairy c*** looks like .
    Mum is 49 . I'm 19.
    I'm addicted to seeing her.naked.
    Her knickers smell amazing and finding her pubic hairs is a real turn on.

  • Leave her catch you sniffing and wanking over her panties,when she comes into room carry on wanking and leave her watch you spunking over her panties.

  • She caught me once sniffing her.knickers with my trousers round my knees
    Mum snatched her knickers out of my hand and left the room telling me to
    " Next time at least close your bedroom door".
    Then she had s lock fitted on her bedroom door. That is how I watch her undressing.

    Mum knows I sniff her knickers and must know I find her pubic hairs in them but does mention the subject.

  • Also start it by doing it at a time you know that she could hear you saying "oh mom! swallow my load!" or better say "mommy!"

  • May be in the future I 'll tell mum what I've been doing , when I'm older but for now Johnny would kill me.
    Seeing my mum.naked fascinates me.
    Her hairy f**** ! The smell of her dirty knickers that have been between her legs all day.
    Maybe one day I'll get to f*** her.

  • I hope you do!

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