My ex wives nephew

When my wife divorced me she inadvertently made my biggest fantasy to be fulfilled. While telling her sister that she caught me riding n sucking monster sized dongs watching big c*** gay p*** she knew I love hung guys. Her 17yo nephew over heard. That night I got a face book msg from him. A naked pic of his hard c*** followed with I want u to be my s** slave. His c*** was enormous. I msgd him with OMFG. Your c*** is gorgeous Sean. He ask to see mine. He replied lol. That's so tiny. You are a girl not a man. I'm gonna make u my b****. That weekend he left the door unlocked. At 11pm I snuck in went to his room. He was asleep naked. I undressed and gently laid beside him and began to lick n kiss his huge flaccid. He took over half n hour to wake up, I only knew as I felt his hands grab my head. He turned on his bed lamp and I look up smiling as I look 4 to 5 inches in my mouth. He then said go to my wardrobe n put on the lingerie of my mums I took. I put on the pink crotchless g string, suspender n white fish nets. Pink bra and 3 fillets each side. I walked over n he said now u look like the girl u are. I was so h****. Wearing ex sister in laws lingerie she wore two days before the g still smelling like p****, ass n her man's c**. I felt like a woman as I grabbed a 17yo god's 9.5inch long 8 round uncut monster. As I laid between his legs I started to use my mouth so he could tell I was in love. He closed his eyes n moaned as I enjoyed doing what I knew feels amazing. After 30 mins he said wow u r so good at sucking c***. I said and I now know that I will never bother with p**** again. I gave him my phone n said take pics to send ur aunty. 10 mins later she replied OMG, does your mum know. He called her n said no. He took a pic of both our h****** in my hand. 3 by. 75 next to 9.5 by 2.75. She laughed n said OMG my nephew is way more man than u and my sister lingerie looks good on u. I'm so turned on that my ex husband is now my nephews b****. She said she wanted to see him f*** my ass. She told us she was coming over. 20 mins later she came in. I told her Sean is bi and is OK with her joining. It took about an hour to convince her to join. She began to suck with me. After 10 mins we were going nuts sucking on it. She kept saying that I am the biggest sissy alive and agreed that sucking his huge c*** together is amazing. I showed her I can deep throat more than her. She managed about 3 inches. I buried my nose in his pubes. When I pulled back I gagged n saliva gushed from my mouth. She said that seeing that was hot and loved that I was better a c*** sucking than her. Over a few hours I told her about one of my mates from when we met, Derrin. She knew I hated him after he kept telling me he believed he could steal her from me out one night. She remembered and I told her I recently found out he also has a huge c***. 12.5 by 9. She was amazed and said, in that case he was right. If I knew that then I would have found a way to sleep with him n ended up leaving you. I got my phone n msgd him on facebook. Told him we both wanted him n his c***. The next day he msgd back saying he is straight so only interested in her. We went to her place n met Derrin there. Derrin was surprised that I was sucking Sean's c*** and in hysterics at how puny mine was. I had taken a gram of ice making me unable to get hard n shrivelling my d*** n b****. I bought a chastidy cage on the way and after locking it she threw away the key. She waxed my pubes n b**** so I was hairless like a little boy. She made me put her lingerie she wore on our wedding day and the dress. She asked Sean to f*** me doggy. My first a*** was in her wedding gear bent over her lounge. It hurt to begin but turned into pleasure after about 5 mins. I started saying how amazing it felt. And I started backing up on him. After n hour i said i wanted to ride him. As I climbed on top I looked at Derrin's c*** n told him I wished I could be spit roasted by them both. Then I asked my ex if she wanted to put on a strap on n spit roast me. She said yes. Now i enjoy being the sissy b**** of my ex wife n her nephew.


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  • All I can say good luck x

  • I have been thinking about you for the past two weeks, every day. Wishing I could get with you. Masturbating like a madman.

  • Give me your contact info we can work something out.

  • G****** you sound so f****** hot! and you obviously know how to handle a d***! i'm imagining you bending over and opening that ass of yours to me! i'm not hung like that nephew of yours but i could wear you out! AND I WOULD!

  • You are an amazingly hungry f*****. i love you. i want you. i wish i belong to you.

  • Give your contact details. I'm yours.

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