I experimented a bit

I watched strap on p*** last night and I put my long silver vibrator in my ass cuz I want to know what a*** feels like. I WISH I could say it was amazing. it felt about the same as vaginal s** for me. not awesome but not painful either. Maybe I needed more lube. The vibration felt alright.

The last time I had s** with a guy,I liked how he pulled my legs open and put his c*** inside me. I thought maybe it would feel like friction or something, but it just felt slippery and nothing special.

Am I just out of practice? Maybe I need to be in love with the guy in order to really enjoy it?

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  • Im a male. I used my wifes vibrator up my ass. It felt good after a few times. I came close to cummi ng without toutching my d***. I just wonder how it feels to c** from prostate. I read its 10x stronger.

  • I figured it would be obvious that I'm telling the truth because I said that the vibrator in my ass felt only so-so. I would be lying if I said I came 20x or something.

  • Yes, it was obvious you were telling the truth. It's just that there are a lot of knuckleheads who respond here. To answer your question, you probably ARE just out of practice, and you probably need more external stimulation (from someone else) than internal (from just yourself). A*** isn't for everybody, but those who enjoy it REALLY enjoy it. Keep trying and see if it begins to light your bulb.

  • I just watched a ted talk on how to spot a liar.

  • Wait...what???

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