I love how you chose me over

I love how you chose me over her.
Thank you.
That day you made my day and now my life.
I will marry you.
I may have lost a friend but I gained a husband.
I still miss and love her she was my best friend since forever, and you guys were good friends too, so I might be crazy but I want to invite her to the wedding.
So now I just have to talk to you about it.
Its been years since we've spoke.
I wonder if she still hates us.

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  • I see your the friend that got left behind #2.
    So you hate him or her now.
    Could you ever forgive them?--Original Poster

  • being in love makes life worthwhile you cynical c***. sorry that you're a 20ish sad looking human and haven't had the chance to experience that but fuckoff and go back to your pathetic existance and thinking that you're so much superior, because who's gonna have the worst feeling in the world when they're 45 and still living at home with their mother and 20 cats. you mah dudeeee

  • ^^Being in love is the best feeling in the world? quite the braindead little drone aren't we? Keep scooping up those bonbons lady, and squeezing out your stupid brats.

  • Yeah you made the right choice. And who says you have to get divorced. Sooner or later she will come around and if she doesn't then that's her loss. I mean what was the alternative. Lose the love of your life and then get ditched by your friend when she finds true love. Then who's left in the dark

  • ^Umm, you missed the point I think. You cannot build a life with your friend can you? You cannot have children with your friend right? Being in love is the best feeling in the world, and is something that is worth sacrificing a friendship over. In highschool, I lost a lot of friends because of a "serious" relationship I was in. Well, guess what, I am still with the guy (7 years later) and I wouldn't give him up for any of those fake ass friends.

  • ^Yeah S******* someone over is important, sit and spin you stupid s****.

  • To the poster: I know just how you feel. Sometimes love is more important than friendship. So s**** the other person commenting on here. . .I say, Go Girl, you got your man! And if you decide to contact your ex-friend, know that no matter what happens, you still got him!

  • ^As the friend, yes. A really good friend got engaged, then explained that her fiance wasn't happy about opposite s** friendships. Ditched me and a couple of others on the spot.
    She is divorced now and looking for her old friends, guess how thats going?

  • Would you be speaking from experience?
    By the way this isn't high school drama all thought it all started our senior year, we're all 21 or 22 now. ---Original Poster

  • Yeah, when the divorce happens and your wanting your friend back, cry a river about it.
    Never s**** a friend over for a love interest, your friends will always be there.

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