Sometimes I wonder why I'm alive. I

Sometimes I wonder why I'm alive. I have to purpose in live, I'm a fat ugly loser.

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  • never you'll never find your purpose?
    lots of people don't

  • You're right, you don't have any purpose, but at least you're smart enough to know that.

  • GG way too f***** long how bout next time make it short and sweet. I lost interest halfway thru the first post

  • Actually, to add to my previous comment:

    No one else has a totally valid reason for existing either. You have stated that you are "fat", and well, theoretically, you are existing even more than humans who possess less mass than you.

    Being slender isn't a valid reason for existing.

    Bing beautiful isn't a valid reason for existing.

    Being a "winner" isn't a valid reason for existing.

    You have just as much of a valid reason for exiting as a slender, beautiful "winner".

    The reason I suggested subscribing to a religion is because there is no universal truth defiantly known to humans which gives reason for our existence. Therefore, you may make up your own reason, follow someone else's (for example a religion's), or have none.

    - GG

  • The great majority of us wonder why we exist. Two key characteristics of human beings are:

    - The ability to ask questions.
    - An awareness of death.

    When you combine the two, questions regarding death, life and existence are produced.

    If your questioning of your existence is paining you, then pick up a religion. Religions generally provide answers, or at least ease the religion's followers into believing there is an answer somewhere, of why we exist. If you are already of a religion, then investigate it until you are satisfied, or you may choose to reject it. If you aren't of a religion, or have rejected one, you may wish to take this test, which tells you witch faith your true one is alike to:

    - GG

  • ^Amen! Get a life loser!

  • SHUT THE F*** UP I'm tired of this "why am I alive" bullshit. Look your life is what you make it so if you don't like bein an ugly fat loser f***** fix it. Jesus christ stop feelin sorry for yourself because noone else feels sorry for you.

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