I'm really excited by the idea of

I'm really excited by the idea of watching my wife with another man, but I don't know how to tell her this. Do you think most women secretly want to have other lovers? Would she be relieved that I'm okay with it and actually want to watch? I'd love to see a good-looking guy seduce her and make out with her on our couch and then take her up to our bedroom while I stay next door and listen...

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  • Im a women and I WISH my guy would have that fantasy.
    I love being watched and I love s** and I have ADD so that would be amazing.
    To bad my guy is like the rest, "I'd kill anyone who touched her".
    I wish people were more secure.

  • Yeah it's really me. I still read just don't post as much as I used to


  • SiteShrink is that really you?

    I missed you, where have you been?

  • How was GG impersonation SiteShrink? They are nothing alike.

  • You know it's funny the last time i was on this site there were a lot of people that had the same fantasy. However to the OP, I suggest that you handle this with caution. If you really want to pursue this fantasy try joking about it with your wife. You know when you are out together and you see a guy you think she might like joke and say something like 'wouldn't you like to sleep with him?' and see how she reacts. From there you can get a better feel on how she feels on the subject. But if she feels as the poster above you could ruin your marriage and not even have the pleasure of fulfilling your fantasy. Although personally i just don't understand it. I'd kill any man i saw touching my wife. But that's just me. LOL


  • How the h*** is the use of vocabulary condescending?!!

  • ^Yeah, I miss SiteShrink though, he was actually good at giving advice and not condesending

  • I would like to know who do you think is impersonating you? Besides GG is nothing but a SiteShrink impersonator.

  • Thank you, "GG" impostor. I feel good knowing that some people spend time considering my existence.

    - GG

  • ^moron.

  • ^Thank You.

    I am just sick of being attacked for having an opinion. I truly don't give a s*** what other people do behind closed doors. . .especially if it makes them happy. I said "s*** like that" just as I would say it about anything else, even stuff that I do not have a negative opinion of. . .it is just how I talk. So, anything else yu would like to argue, or any other things I have said that you would like to nitpick, feel free. . .obviously you care about this issue much more than I do.

  • To the woman who feels disrespected. Don't explain yourself to these idiots. Fools like these commenters who are talking junk to you are the worst type of hypocrites in the world. They talk about being open minded and free but when someone doesn't share the same opinion as them they want to belittle them and say that person is stuck on themselves. Forget them. Just because you have a standard for yourself and you have self respect makes you a real woman. You would be right for leaving him if he proposed such a stupid thing. Fantasy or not. Not to mention all of the crap you could catch by engaging in such recklace behavior. It's just good to see that somebody still has some sense.

  • Actually, wifey, you do seem to care what other people do in their bedrooms. You referred to the OPs comments as "some s*** like that" and implied that a wife (like you) might leave a man who told her about his sexual fantasies. You're exactly the kind of woman who would insist that her man be "open" and "honest", and then throw it back in his face for "disrespecting" her when he tries. So your "opinion" is that men should just shut up and be happy with what their wives offer them. S**** that! If a woman can't hear a man out and at least be understanding, she's not worth marrying in the first place.

  • To the comment 2 above mine:

    I was just trying to give my opinion, as a woman, so f*** off. I am not insecure, and I keep my husband very satisfied in the bedroom by doing just about anything he wants. But, I would feel disrespected by him wanting me to have s** with someone else because I married HIM, therefore, my body is for him only. . .so stop judging me for my opinions, as I am allowed to have one just like you. I don't give a damn what other people do in their bedroom, I was just putting in my two cents as to how I feel about it. . .so s**** you a******.

  • I do that with my mom sites.

    - GG

  • Most of these people out here are deeply repressed, so don't be surprised if they can't imagine anything other than traditional s** and relationships. Voyeurism and partner-swapping are perfectly mainstream kinks, and have been for a long time. To the wife who feels "disrespected": get over yourself. Any woman who would leave a man she loves just for voicing his fantasies (especially fantasies that include, rather than exclude you) is an insecure b****.

  • I agree with the first commenter!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your an idiot.

  • If your wife's hot I f*** her, and let you watch and film it so you can watch anytime you want.

  • Lots of couples "swing" with other people--it's not that unusual. Usually one or both of them get off on seeing their partner with another person. It has nothing to do with whether or not they love each other--in fact, its usually seen as an expression of their love that they're willing to indulge each other's fantasies openly and honestly. I say watch a movie or read a book together that shows a happy swinging couple and then see how she reacts to it...

  • ^If you think it is okay for your husband or wife to sleep with someone else, fine. I was just giving my opinion from a woman's point of view. I would never be okay with sleeping with someone else. . .I would feel disrespected by my husband if he were to ask me to do that. So, lay off, and let me state my opinions, and I will let you state yours.

  • ^ grow up and learn the difference between love and l***.

  • I am a woman, and if my husband told me some s*** like that, I would leave him. It would make me feel degraded, used, and mainly undesirable. . .I like when my man gets jealous of other guys, cause it shows me that he would never want to lose me to someone else.

  • I think thats pretty f****** stupid to want to see another dude f****** your wife so you can j*** off.

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