I'm female and I have no other female

I'm female and I have no other female friends. None at all. I don't know whether it's a good thing or a bad thing that every single one of my friends and companions are male.

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  • In high school I only hung out with my guy friends. it started to suck though cause they treated me like one of the guyss.
    not cool when you're a small girl. haha

  • Be a l****!

  • I'm almost the same- I have one female friend. But I hardly talk to her anymore. Guys are so much more fun- they don't sit and talk about 'who's going out with who' all the time.

  • ^Yeah, once you get past the fact that they probably think you will sleep with them, guys make great friends.

  • Guys are simple creatures most of the time.

  • Me too, females are too much drama (not that guys are any better)!!

  • females will only stab you in the back anyways.

  • I'm exactly the same,but somehow it never really bothered me

  • Tomboy.

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