Stomach growling fetish

I'm a 21 year old female with a belly noise fetish and I just want someone friends with the same fetish who aren't creepy. email me at : .
I just really love the noises of a stomach from people. I'm a straight female who's belly makes tons of noise but I don't have anyone to share them with. I just want someone friends with the same thing and won't find me weird.

Jun 26, 2018

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  • Talk to me if you want : fiestavirtual1 Instagram or Snapchat virtualfiesta

  • Lame

  • Pregno gut fetish ?

  • Most women who have this condition have digestive problems like diverticulitis or celiacs disease which can lead to chrons and cancers etc or ibs and get bloating from it . most also suffer from serious back injury or digestive relapses with reflux and the pain is awful. and you are making it into some fetish thing for your pleasure? while they suffer. what about you own fat guzzzle gut and how disgusting that is when you rape thin virgins and wreck their genitals on them and their insides so they are damaged for life physically and emotionally? you stupid fat gut grinder.

  • Wait. Looking for non creepy but turned on by gastrointestinal processes.
    Uh. I've never seen the belly gurgle secton on pornhub.

  • There actually is a belly gurgle section on pornhub and clips4sale but go off sis

  • I'm thinking this might be the "sit on your stomach" guy too. Sounds similar.

  • That was what I was thinking.

  • Have you even considered how those women feel? that they maybe ill and need medical help. they could have celiacs disease or a tumor or bowl obstruction or even ovarian or uterus problems? and need a beaded roller medical grade treatment to help with the erectus abdomnius muscles from injury to childbirth can cause it and back injury as well and it can cause so much pain without these medical grade beaded roller machines. if you think its hot and sexy let me show you the pain we are in.

  • It's the stomach growler ….again....sigh....

  • If the serial posters all killed themselves, this would be a halfway proper confession site. The worthiness of the entire human race would go up quite a few percentage points too. So I'm wondering what Old Pervy Pedo and Pantytard and all the other homebound wastes of life are waiting for?

  • Again... and again, and again, and again... But hey it's been a couple weeks maybe we can see another post from the ball-kicker or the psycho who wants to kill their stepdad. or the guy who wears panties. They have to post about this at least twenty times a year.

  • Or the no socks guy. Or the old pervy pedo Happynude guy

  • Happynude has been chased away by someone stronger than him.

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