Love the "Black Owned" posts!

I love reading the "Black Owned" posts and the responses. Please I want to hear many more. This is kind of a long story but it details how we became "black owned". In our case, we are a married couple. Yes, a man/wife married couple with a black master. I am not pushing this as a completely good experience, nor a completely bad one. Although I do occasionally feel sympathy for some of the things my husband has to endure.
We were into swinging and one of our favorite activities was to go out to downtown bars. Once there we would kind of split up and I would meet men. Once I zeroed in on a potential date I would chat a little with my husband and make sure we were on the same page. Sometimes I would go outside to the car and have s** with the guy and return to the bar. Sometimes it went further and I would go home with the guy and return home the next morning. Either way afterward it would make our s** so hot. My husband would be all over me as I gave him every detail of my adventure.
One night I went home with an attractive black male named Lamar, and things changed. I started seeing him on a steady basis. Me and my husband joked that he was my "boyfriend". After a few months Lamar told me that he wanted me to be his completely. Myself and my husband had talked and fantasized about "cuckold" play before. When I told him about what Lamar said we talked about it for a few days and decided to try it.
I now admit we didn't know what we were getting into.
Lamar asked to stay with us at our home for a week to, as he put it, "begin training". The first night Lamar came to our house he immediately ordered my husband to strip. He handed me a small package and said "put it on him". When I looked inside the package I was shocked. It was a chastity device! I put it on my husbands limp d*** and locked it. Lamar put the key in his pocket. We went to the bedroom and Lamar made my husband stand beside the bed as he f***** me. I could see the discomfort in my husbands face as he struggled with his d*** trying to get hard, but stuck in that tiny device. After Lamar came inside me he ordered my husband to lick my p**** "clean". After he completed his task Lamar ordered him to sleep in the guest room. Lamar took over our bedroom and slept with me.
The next morning Lamar sat us down for a talk and informed us that my husband would remain in chastity and and further he would have to sleep in the guest room full time from now on. My husband briefly protested when Lamar smack him across the face and told him to "shut up". Lamar ordered my husband to bend over the side of the couch, then he ordered me to "beat his ass". As I started slapping his ass, Lamar walked into the kitchen and got a wooden spoon. He made me use it to the point my husband cried and begged me to stop. Lamar finally stopped it and made it clear the disobedience meant punishment. The only s** my husband got for the next week was cleaning my c** filled p****.
Lamar spent the week and I got in the habit of treating Lamar more like my husband. My actual husband became more of a servant. Lamar only let him watch us have s** one time that week and Lamar made a big deal of it being a "special occasion". And God I found out why! Lamar threw me face down on the bed and f***** me in the ass. I had never allowed anyone, not even my husband, to f*** my ass before. When I looked up at my husband I could see he was in complete pain as his c*** tried to get hard in that little plastic thing. At that point I knew if I had just given Lamar my ass, i would do anything he wanted me to.
On Friday evening Lamar took us to a tattoo shop. I already had one tattoo, the traditional butterfly on the small of my back. I got on the table and pulled my pants down to expose my p**** . Lamar insisted the tattoo be high enough above my p**** to be visible I ever wore a bikini. I now have a "queen of spades" there. After it was done Lamar nearly made me faint. He looked at my husband and said "your next". Lamar ordered him to get on the table and take his pants down. My husband meekly did as he was told. The tattoo guy laughed out loud when he saw my husbands tiny c*** locked up in that thing. Lamar asked the tattoo guy to put the same queen of spades tattoo on my husband in the same spot. The guy laughed through the whole thing.
When we got home we didn't make it past the living room. Lamar ordered us both to strip. Lamar had me go upstairs and get the lube. When i got back Lamar took out the key and had my unlock my husband and let his d*** free. I was put on my knees sucking Lamar's c*** as my husband watched. I expected to get my ass f***** again. God did we get a surprise! Lamar ordered my husband to get down on all 4's. I sat on the couch and watched as Lamar lubed his c*** and began shoving it in my husbands ass!!! I was so turned on I began rubbing my p****. It didn't even cross my mind that it had to hurt like h***! My husband buried his face in the carpet and took it. After Lamar was b**** deep and f****** him steady I got another surprise. My husband reached back and began jerking his c***. HE WAS HARD! It only took a minute and my husband shot his load all over the carpet. Lamar finally unloaded in him and pulled out. As my husband laid there Lamar told him to clean up his mess and go to his room. Lamar had me put the chastity device back on my husband then he took me to the bedroom for the night.
That has pretty much been our life for nearly a year. Lamar has shared me with a friend or two but mostly keeps me to himself. He makes my husband give him b*******, rim his ass and f**** his ass a couple of times a month.
Lamar has occasionally been nice to my husband. On special days like our anniversary or birthdays my husband gets unlocked and has permission to have s** with me.
Things might be in for a major change though. Lamar has told me that he is considering making me stop taking birth control. Between Lamar and his friends I would have a black baby in no time

Oct 27

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