Making her lose control

Many years ago i was married to a girl who kept wetting herself and it turned into a bit of a fetish for both of us, anyway we split up and eventually divorced and life moved on.
Some years later i got involved with someone else, the s** was good and eventually we decided to get married, up until this point it had always been fairly vanilla in the bedroom, that changed on our wedding day.
We'd had the reception and although everyone was drinking quite a lot of alcohol, my new wife included, I stayed on soft drinks, and the reason was this, she had no idea that i'd booked a weekend break at a hotel in a holiday resort about 50 miles away.
Anyway we left the wedding reception and i began driving to the hotel, i still hadnt told her what i had arranged and about halfway there she started to squirm saying she needed the bathroom, i told her she'd have to wait until we arrived as there was nowhere to stop on the motorway.
She was wearing a long white summer dress with white underwear and oddly enough her black kneehigh boots, she wore them because when someone asked me if i was buying new shoes i said 'no' if i was going to be stood up all day i'd polish my work shoes, i knew they were comfy. 'in that case i'm wearing my favourite boots' said my future wife, so she did.
Anyway despite lots of squirming she managed to hold out until we arrived at the hotel, then disaster struck! she tried to get up to get out of the car and realised that as soon as she moved, she was going to wet herself, not good indeed and she looked around frantically for a solution.
The only thing in the car was a very flimsy polythene bag, big enough for her to relieve herself into, but it would probably split with the weight. So off came her boot and she put the bag in it and did what she had to, when she'd finished she tipped it out of the car door and removed the bag from the boot. Unfortunately in her rush to pee she'd forgot to remove her panties and had wet them, not a problem, she'd change in the hotel bedroom, or at least that was the plan.
When we got into the hotel our luggage was taken to our room and we were taken into the bar area, it was only a small hotel and they'd not had a honeymoon couple for years, so had organised a party for us, she spent the whole evening standing up in her wet panties, if she'd sat down everyone would have seen the wetness as it soaked into her dress. She was very turned on by this at bedtime.
Anyway it got her into wetting and what she really likes now is to be really desperate when we have s**. one night she asked me to take her for a long drive, she was bored apparently, anyway she had this black chifon blouse on, a pair of wetllo leggings like those in the film grease, and a pair of black thigh high boots, she loooked fantastic.
we drove around for a while and she kept drinking water from a bottle, then later she began to squirm, i was heading back home and partway down the motorway she had her legs clamped tightly shut with her hand janmmed into her crotch, ' s*** its coming' she squealed, i asked wha she meant and she just gasped 'the wee's coming out', so i got an old coat from the back seat and put it under her and headed off to an area i knew nearby, we just made it and she ran into the woods where she found a picnic table and went to relieve herself. i lifted her onto the table, pushed her odwn so she was lying and began to gently rub her crotch i could feel her damp panties under the leggings and she was moanning like mad.
I told her to take them off so i could f*** her, 'if you want to f*** me just rip them, i'm really going to p*** myself soon, so if you want to do it just do it' she gasped. i tore open the crotch of her leggings and pulled her wet panties aside then slammed into her, she was squirming like mad and doing quite a bit of swearing too.
I slowed right down with my thrusts but rammed home hard with the last inch or so of my c***, and each thrust made her squeal, finally she lost it and totally p***** herself, the feeling as it sprayed over my c*** was fantastic and she was panting like crazy, i finished and she stood up and to my suprise started to p*** again, all down her legs and into her boots, 'f*** it, i've p***** in my boots now' she exclaimed, we straightend ourselves up and headed back to the car, he boots squelching all the time she walked.
She was really p***** off about filling her boots but then added, 'still it was a b***** good o*****'.
We've repeated it on many occasions since and now she actually puts on a pair of open crotch leggings, some black bikini bottoms and her 'p*** boots' when she wants to do it, so i know its coming.
last month we were out in our new truck and she had a pair of really tight white riding jodhpurs on and some new black leather boots, the same chifon blouse but, as i was to discover later, no bra!
We'd been out for a drive and she aasked me to take her to the woods where she announced that she was going to 'p*** herself' she pulled off the boots and the jodhpurs, slipped the boots back on and stepped out of the truck, p***** in her panties and all over her boots and then got into the back seat, there were a few cars about despite it being late, 'get in here and f*** me' she told me, so i did. i think the blokes in the other cars must have seen us because horns were beeping and blokes cheering as we drove off, and all this fun because she p***** her panties on our wedding day.

Oct 27

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