Neighbour took my V-Card.

There was one hot Philipino guy who was around 30-34 yrs next to my flat. Me myself is a 16 yr old girl, in 11th grade.I had always wanted to havr s** with my ex boyfriend but before all that could happen, we had to break up. After that I was soo frustrated and desperate to have s** and used to fantasize abt anyone around me like my brother,physics sir, my best friend, our servant etc. I used to watch p*** 24/7 and used to mastrubatione alot. And thats when I saw this hot Philipino guy next door. He had a good figure and the moment I saw him, I fell for his body <3 after that every night I used to think of him and mastrubate. One day purposefully I wore a deep neck petticoat and a pyjama and went to his door and knocked. I tried to show my b**** as much I can so that it'll turn him on. It was my luck, he opened the door. I was soo happy and acted as if I didn't know anything, and asked him whether he can lend me his phone, as my landphone wasn't working and my mob wasnt working either. He immediately agreed and I got into his house. His house had got a very nice scent and the very first sniff of it aroused me. I pretended to make the call and all that while I saw him staring at my brests dand thighs. His sexy hot look itself made me wet. I kept the phone and started asking him randomn questions and started flirting with him. He too flirted wimme and I asked him why he was lookin at my b******. He was a lil shocked and then he replied that he wanna suck it. He said he badly wanna see how an Indian b*** look like. I laughed and told him that even I would love to see how a Philipino d*** looked like. I could already see his d*** becoming erect and hard from his boxer. I my self took out my top and pyjama for him and now I was semi naked just with my garments. I asked him whther he was a virgin. He said no, as he had to have s** with his teacher (back in Philippines) to get good grades. Omg the thought of him having s** with another woman turned me on soo badly and I starrted kissing him soo hardly. Our tounges were dancing around and we kissed madly like for 5 mins. In btwn I told him that I was a virgin and he had to be gentle with me. He didn't reply anything, he just undid my bra and started sucking my b**** like a 1 yr old ^^ God, that hot feeling *.* I recommend every girls should havr it. He slowly came to my stomach and then down and removed my panties. He started playing and eating my p**** like a drubkyard. I was going almost crazy by all this and screamed and moaned soo loud that I came 2-3 times. and his face was all with my p**** juices. He licked them all with great interest. He then removed his boxer and a huge d*** was there out *_* I was stubned coz I had nevrr seen a huge thing like this before.i sucked him hard and he came in my mouth. Without any hesitation, I drank it all up. It wasnt so tasty , it was a bit salty that's it. He then started f****** me slowly. It was soooo paainfull that I nearly died. I started to scream and he closed my mouth with his hand. I thought I'll pass out coz of the pain, and I saw blood coming out. He asked me to relax and told me this was all natural. After 5 minutes they was pleasure and lain together. I forgot the pain and started enjoying it. I moaned like a prostitute and he f***** me even more harder. I could frel his d*** tip touching my uterus wall. We both f***** each other like animals. It wasnt soo gentle, it was rough and I liked it. He pulled my hair, spanked on my butt and also used a s** toy he had. And all this went almost for an hour. And then his pace had gone too fast and I knew he was going to c**. Before I coukd tell him to c** outside, he came inside me And I freaked out. I could feel all his sperms inside me. I freaked out and he asked me whether I was on birth pill and I was like no. He then asked me to chillax and told me not to be afraid as he was impotent. I was soo much relieved and kissed him once again and he pressed my b****. I got dressed up and went back to my flat and saw 18 missed calls from my mom. She asked me where I was and why I didn't pick her call and I lied that I was in my room sleeping and had a wonderful dream ;)

Jun 2, 2015

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  • Fuckk :O I wish I got a chance like this

  • Maybe we can meet

  • Anytime ;)

  • So that happened in india?? Can you tell me exact place??

  • Nope not in India. Dubai?

  • Dubai*

  • Wow such a nice f*** u got it girl... Hehhehe memorable indeed

  • What a lucky fellow countryman I have. May I ask, at what country did this take place?

  • Haha saame thing with me xD s** with neighbour who was just 14 yr old boy and me myself 29 :P

  • Waoow gurl, must've had a nice time huh ;) I wish even I had a neighbour like that ?

  • Fantasy or a going to be s*** :P

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