Step Dad

I cant believe what just happened I caught my step Dad laying naked on my bed masturbating while sniffing a pair of my dirty panties.
I dont know who was more shocked him or me. I just stood there gobsmaked and he just layed there with his hardon standing up and stuttering he is really sorry and please dont tell your Mum.
I was shocked at how big his c*** was its massive I thought.
That is soo f****** gross I told him Sniffing my f****** dirty panties.
Why I asked him and he said that cause you are hot and it isnt hurting anyone just a naughty fantasy. I would never touch you he said.
How long have you been doing this sick s*** for I asked. Tell me honestly I said. He blushed even more hung his head down and said 5 years when him and my Mum got together. F****** h*** I was 11 I said there is something seriously wrong with you.
I have never looked at you and fantasised about touching you ever not even once. So why do you sniff my dirty panties then, its the next best thing to licking you out he said. I was shocked.
How do my panties smell I asked him. He immediately and very enthusiastically replied very sweet and tangy at the same time, sometimes really musky. He then told me my juices taste soo good really really tangy with a hint of sweat or pee. I shocked myself and asked him if he has a favourite pair of my panties. Yes he said your pink lace shorts or red silky thong.
I then shocked myself again and told him would he like to carry on. F*** yes he replied.
He started to stroke his massive harden slowly at first and then he took a deep sniff of my panties. God that was wrong but I became instantly aroused.
Would you like to see the panties I am wearing I asked him he nodded I lifted up my skirt and showed him my pink cotton thong.
I walked to the side of the bed and told him to get a good look.
I then climbed on the bed and straddled him my f****** wet p**** only an inch from his face here try this I sad and sat right down on his face. I could not believe what I was doing. I pulled my panties to the side and said here taste it for real he wasted no time at all in licking me out and I c** in a matter of seconds I had never had my p**** eaten before but I loved it and new it wouldnt be the last. He then started to come all over the place.
I got showered and changed and saw him down stairs an hour later.
You can sniff my dirty panties anytime as long as I am still in them but you never get to f*** me I said. I then grabbed his hand and put it down my clean panties and told him to finger me. I c** twice before my mum got home.

Apr 30, 2021

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