Great Mother In Law

I'm 45 and my mother in law is 76. A few years ago my MIL moved in with my wife and I. My wife works out of state a lot which leaves my MIL and I home alone . A few months ago we were watching a movie, in some scenes people were having hard core s**. My MIL commented "they are really getting with ain't they?" I was a little embarrassed and asked her if she wanted me to turn the channel. To my surprise she said, "no, I don't mind if you don't, it's nice to watch a p**** with someone besides me watching them by myself alone."
I asked her does she like watching p***, she said she locks her bedroom door when we go to bed and turns the sound down so my wife and I don't hear it.
We ended up watching the movie while she would be commenting on the positions and how big the guys c*** was. This made my c*** get hard as a rock hearing my MIL talk like this. She said, "you better not tell Kim we were watching p*** together, she'll kill both of us" and she laughed. Kim is my wife.
When the movie was over, she got up and said she had to take a shower because the movie made her wet. I asked her, "I don't mean to sound stupid but, you still get wet at your age?." She said there are a lot of things she can still do at her age and smiled at me and went and took a shower.
When she got out of the shower, she called my wife who was in Colorado at the time, we live in Texas. She and I both talked to my wife and said our good nights.
My MIL asked if I was ready to watch another movie. I said sure if you want to. She turned on another P***. She was under a throw blanket, I saw out the corner of my eye her playing with herself under the blanket while watching the movie. I said to her, "are you alright?". she said the movie was making her h****. I didn't know what to say, she asked me if my d*** was getting hard from watching the people go at it. I said yes and maybe we should turn the channel to something else.
She then said, my my, that guy sure has a huge ding d***. I said it is pretty big. She then asked me , "how big is yours, is yours that big?".
I said it's pretty big but not as big as his. I COULDN'T BELIEVE I WAS HAVING THIS CONVERSATION WITH MY 76 YEAR OLD MIL. Much less watching p*** with her.
She said, can I see it?. At this time my c*** was soo hard it was busting out my shorts. I said are you serious?, she said yes I really am, it's a shame to watch a good movie and not be able to see a nice size d*** to go with it.
I then played the childhood game, I'll show you mine if you show me yours and I laughed. To my surprise she got up off the sofa and droped the blanket and pulled her long tee shirt up over her head. She was standing there naked right in front of me. Now you've got to imagine, this woman. She may be 76 but she works out 4 times a week. She was in GREAT shape, her body looked like a 35 or 40 year old and for her 70th birthday, she had got herself breast implants.
She said now your turn, my heart was pounding so fast, I pulled my shorts down and she said my GOD, it's beautiful.
She started playing with my c*** and told me to sit down on the sofa and just watch the movie. She started giving me head, she told me she didn't want me to c** just yet. She gave me head for about 10 minutes then, told me to lay down on the sofa. I was like a little kid, doing what ever she told me to do. She got up off her knees and I thought she was going to get on top of me and ride my c***.
She didn't, she did get on top of me, 69. I couldn't believe I was eating out my MIL while she was sucking my c***. She asked me, "how do I taste, I used a strawberry douche." I hadn't had s** with any one except my wife for the last 11 years, now I'm having s** with her mother. This 76 year old woman hadn't had s** in 16 years since her husband died.
Her p**** was tight and she knew what she was doing. She got up and took my hand and we went to her bedroom. She laid on a pillow face down and said, "put it inside me." She was so wet, and I slid my c*** slowly inside her.
Her p**** was a lot tighter than I thought it would be. I made love to her from behind, doggy style, she rode my c*** cowgirl style, and we ended up in the missionary position.
Don't believe what you hear about older women not being able to c** after a certain age. This 76 year old lady was a squirter. The sheets were soo wet with both our c** when we finally finished she had to wash them.
6 months later, she told my wife she wanted her own place. She just felt like we needed to have our own space to. My wife agreed with her and my MIL brought herself a nice little cottage in the country. But, here's the kicker, my wife told my MIL she wants her to stay at our house when she goes out of town so she can cook for me while she's gone. I have to tell you all, it's been 4 years and 80 year old p**** ain't bad either, if they know how to work it. My wife has been out of town for the last 3 days, my MIL stayed at our house and TOOK CARE OF ME like my wife asked her to do. My MIL informed me she was getting ready to have "Virginal Rejuvenation Surgery". Oh lucky me. Earlier I said, "I made love to my MIL". That's exactly what it was, anyone can just F***, but we made love. I have learned a lot from my MIL and I know our secret is safe between just her and I.

Jan 11, 2019

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  • Fake but hot story.
    I would love to bang my mil.
    I'll have to wait till her new hubby has died,then turn on the charm

  • Old women enjoy s** too.

  • How do you know it's fake were you there?????

  • Apparently Everything nowadays is #FakeNews

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