Sneak out of the house (C x J)

This is a true story details left out due to character limit
Im 17 and summer started a week ago Im gonna be a seinor next year my name is Christopher and Jasmine is 16 and no we did not have s** for anyone wondering Im a Christian and I believe that s** is wrong but my idea of s** if d*** in p**** and everything else is fair game my girlfriend agrees with me So it's Monday June 8th 2015 midnight and I was texting my girlfriend jasmine for hours now telling her I'll come over cuz she told me she's sleeping outside in a tent. And I have 7 people in my house my two sisters were in the living room and my mom and her husband asleep my brother and his girlfriend in a room and my other sister in her room with only 3 rooms two or my sisters in a room my brother and his girlfriend in the same room as my two sisters and I share one with my sister's hat was in the living room so I used the oldest trick in the book clothes under a blanket and I snuck out not knowing if I'll get caught when my sister went in our room or not I went outside barefoot. Now there's something you should know I live about two streets away from my girlfriend so I walked the normal route I do to her house and I tell her I'm here I jump the fence to her back yard and she freaks cuz she thinks her parents will wake up I tell her to unlock her tent, and yes she put a lock on her tent, she told me no I said I won't go home till you do she gives and let's me in when I get in shes reluctant to even kiss me she's worried that we'll get caught but after a little we start making out she has many turn ons and one is when I bite her like when I kiss her so I do I start softly but she didn't want softly so we started kissing rough I sucked on her ear another turn on and started whispering yet another turn on I don't know everything I said to her but after a little I asked do you want me to eat ur p**** she shook her head no I wouldn't take that then I took my shirt off another turn on and started biting her lip asking are you sure she hesitated then I sucked her ear and whispered do you want me to make you feel good that's what I want she slowly nods I look at her and asking again making her say it. I was you to eat me she said with a raspy voice I slowly make my way down her fully clothed body and get to her pants I pull them down but not all the way and do the same with her hipsters (she hates when I call them panties) and I start eating her p**** out (this is the first real time I did anything sexual) I stuck a finger in her p**** and continued to eat her out and rubbing her g-spot in her p**** she starts moaning a little then stops it agricates me so I stick another p**** in and start fingering her with hooked fingers making sure I rub the g-spot hard she moans louder then I stike another finger in and do the same she's squirming around I love it and I continue doing it she stops me and I get on my back she gets on top of my and pulls my d*** out and slowly sucks on the time then I say you call that sucking to make her suck harder boy did that work this felt amazing unlike anything I've ever felt she starts bobbing up and down slowly making sure to go to the tip it tingled senses of delight all over then she stops lays down and turns away from me I say oh h*** no ur not gonna tease me like that she said watch me and I knew the only way I could c** in her mouth was to make her think she's in control so I say you can't do this please make me cuz she looks at me satisfied and goes back to my d*** (it's not that big but it's above average 7.5 inches) she starts to go slow again I demand her to go faster another turn on so he does after 27 min of sucking me (yes I lasted that long cuz I can control when I c**) and I c** in her mouth her moans in a delightful surprise I put my d*** back in my pants and get on top of her (normally she's never let me do this) and I take her shirt and bra off and look at her naked chest (at least a c cup but idk I never asked) I start sucking on her nipples hard making sure she got hickeys she moans I thought out of pain so I asked her does that hurt she said yes a good hurt and she put my head down to them again I suck on the other and give her another hickey I told he I want to make her c** that I want to give her, her first o****** so I did the exact same thing as I did earlier an kiss my way down and take both her hipsters and pants off now she's naked I start eating her out but it's different than the first in her pissy is more spread I suck at her c*** and stick two fingers in her wanting to make her c** I hook finger her as hard as I could on her g-spot she arches her back and I feel her g-spot expand I know she is about to c** I move my fingers and start sucking on her p**** as she squirts in my mouth I get on top of her and said look you made my face wet she apologizes I say don't I loved it and lick my finger still sailed with p**** juice I start kissing and we get dressed I run home to find I got away with it

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