Me and sis

I'm a 26 y/o man. I'm str8 and a crossdresser. I have 2 brothers, 31 & 20, and 2 sisters, 29 and 25. My family is very well off, big home, multiple cars, living in a very upscale NY suburb. My older siblings were always the favorites. My younger sister, MJ, was born with a slight case of cerebral palsy. She's bright & personable, with only a slight difficulty walking. My older sibs were very self centered spoiled kids who kinda shunned me and my sis. I was sensitive to my MJ's situation, and we've always been close. Then my youngest brother [who was not really an accident] came along. He became my oldest brother's "mini-me", and the new favorite child.

When it became evident I was wearing my older sister's clothes, around 10 or 11 y/o, it made me fall out of favor. My older sister took no interest in including MJ in anything, as if her handicap was an inconvenience. My older bro treated me like an insect. So while my older sibs were out with their friends and younger bro was being a pest, MJ and I played together. My parents, who were very self centered to start with, were somewhat distant to me and MJ. That self centeredness, and a big house, allowed me to crossdress frequently. MJ was totally cool about it, and we did a lot of "girl" activities together.

I was becoming more girlish, and became MJ's older sister figure. She was always my best friend. I was the one who encouraged MJ to be fem and girlish and pretty. I taught her how to do make up. I had almost no male friends, but MJ and I had many mutual F friends. That was my acceptance as a person. With this limited social life, I worked very hard and did very well in school and went to a good college. So did MJ. Luckily, I made good $$ from the jump and decided to go out on my own. MJ also had a good job and we both pooled our money. I sat down with MJ and we decided to move out & live together. We were 24 and 23.

My folks were very surprised that I was moving out, and stunned that MJ was going with me. It was then that me and my parents had a long overdue sit-down. I spelled it out, hurt and disappointed that MJ and I were merely tolerated. I called them out for being obvious that they favored the other 3 sibs. I was open in saying that I didn't hate them, but I did say that I felt shunned because of my crossdressing. Where I got adamant was their treating MJ as an inconvenience, instead of being more sensitive to her emotional needs. The fact was, they NEVER had to do anything different to accommodate her physical condition. They were annoyed that we didn't look "perfect". I also revealed that I was seeing a psychologist for therapy.

MJ then spoke to them, and she basically spelled out that I was her biggest supporter. The kicker was when MJ said to them that I was both the big brother she could lean on AND the big sister she never felt she had. We have a nice apartment, many friends, and I have become active in United Cerebral Palsy. We've become much more social, and with my help, she has become as beautiful outside as on the inside. We also sometimes go out as 2 girls, which for me is a blessing. We've grown, and actually, our relationship with our folks has gotten better.


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  • Good luck

  • How so sweet! Best of luck bro...well sis:)

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