I cannot believe the state of affairs in this country lately.

Police constantly being attacked for doing their jobs, mass protests turning violent for what most people view as just a reason to loot, riot, and vent anger over lack of parental love and economically hard times.

I have no respect for anyone who uses the race card instead of trying to be a better person, and 95% of the country feel the same way.

So in reality the haters might feel good and powerful for a minute, but their angry reality will be there after these attacks and people won't forget it and lose trust - way to go Idiots!

Jun 12, 2015

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  • Why do black people constantly use the N word around little kids and then act all surprised when they walk around saying it?

    Quite frankly you either have class or you do not.

    I think to gain respect you have to show respect and it has nothing to do with the color of anyone's skin but more the words that come out of their mouths and their actions

  • Hah you think you have f****** class and you're on this site what a damn farce.

  • Don't knock it. Slumming among these creatures can be very amusing, sometimes nauseating, often both at the same time.

  • It's funny you name call through a keyboard, but I bet you wouldn't have the b**** to say that to a black person's face. Go broaden your vocabulary, the word "n*****" is so archaic. If you're going to insult somebody try something intelligent or thought provoking. Ignorant douche.

  • You have a good point about the media and the protestors; but couldn't the same be said about. The few cases of injustice?

    Why do people have to automatically assume it's about Racism,
    No one knows what goes through anyone's head. Some officers may have been suffering from PTSD. It is a known fact that suicide rates are high among police and military due to the fact that they experience so much trauma.

    I'm just saying maybe people should not jump so quickly to assume that they know everything that is going through people's heads.

    Thoughts are things so choose good ones!

  • Good. Keep supporting the police. But be mindful to support the good cops who uphold the law without abusing their power.

  • Of course people do not have the right to loot, riot and hurt others. But the few do not define the sum. Just because some people loot doesn't mean that all the people that come to protest do the same. That's just like saying because some white people are bigoted all white people must be bigoted. It is essentially an illogical ideology. Protesting for an injustice is not a crime. It's sad that the media portrays such protests as "criminals" and lumps them all in with the bad decisions of a few. What clips they have of looting are repeatedly showed, but the clips of logical, intelligent protesters explaining WHY they protest peacefully are not.

  • Yes people have a right to protest - but not loot, riot, hurt others, destroy!

  • I support the police - not criminals!

  • So do I!

  • Sometimes the police behave like criminals.

  • *usually* the police behave like criminals

    fify. no need to thank me :)

  • Indeed

  • You are absolutely right people shouldn't break the law. Nobody is saying that people should break the law and get away with it. What people are protesting about is a lack of FAIR judgement. If a white guy and a black guy commit the same crime there is no reason the black guy or white guy should be treated any different when it comes to being arrested or put on trial. Most cops are good cops and if you respect them they will respect you, but there are a few bad apples who really need to be held accountable for their actions. Just because they are police officers does not mean that they are above the law. Being a police officer does not give them the right to unjustly kill a person (any person not just a minority). Their job is to protect those who need it, not abuse power.

  • If you are the OP of this post and an educated black woman you truly are the definition of an Uncle Tom. Do you have any idea how ignorant you sound dismissing the fact that there is still systematic racism in America today? You're probably so conditioned you can't even see it, or maybe you don't want to see it. Shame on you. Go look at some of the most bigoted comments on here and THEN try to come post about how racism is a thing of the past. Racism is here it's just slightly hidden now. As for racial profiling think about this, "Black drivers (4.5%) were twice as likely as White drivers (2.1%) to be arrested during a traffic stop, while Hispanic drivers (65%) were more likely than White (56.2%) or Black (55.8%) drivers to receive a ticket. In addition, Whites (9.7%) were more likely than Hispanics (5.9%) to receive a written warning, while Whites (18.6%) were more likely than Blacks (13.7%) to be verbally warned by police." When it came to searching minority motorists after a traffic stop, "Black (9.5%) and Hispanic (8.8%) motorists stopped by police were searched at higher rates than Whites (3.6%)." (Source: www.civilrights.org). Now, if minorities are more likely to receive a ticket or even get arrested for minor traffic tickets imagine how much more likely it is for them to be beaten/shot. Get over yourself! Just because you call yourself "educated" doesn't mean you know s***. If anything this comment made you look like a true ignoramus.

  • Here's an idea - maybe people shouldn't break the law, and show some respect for the men and women in blue!

  • The law is completely corrupt you f****** dumbshit

  • I'm an educated black woman so you don't know s*** boo!

  • Police have every right to do their job. We WANT police to do their job. But beating on and shooting/killing unarmed people are NOT a part of what they are supposed to do. They are supposed to protect and uphold the law honorably. Not all cops are bad, but the ones that are need to be accountable for their actions. Racial profiling is a proven fact. There are plenty of articles (scholarly) on class, rank and race profiling not just from police but the government/civilian system as a whole. And you say that because these people decide to stand up for what is clearly not right morally or ethically it's playing the "race card"? If 95% of the country still wants to sweep race under the rug and pretend there still isn't a systematic racism then this problem will never go away. Maybe you should look a little more into reality instead of being so narrow minded and insensitive. Or maybe because it's not happening to you, you have such a biased look on things.

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