since dconfeesing that i loathe my own

since dconfeesing that i loathe my own race and that i think white men are justiified in not eltting their daughters date most black men , i finally let it all hang out at work . I was asked what i thought and i remembered this post and i had to be honest that i think most black , inner city people are garbage. I am glad i found this site because i am telling things only that i have prayed about and sometimes i wonder where i fit into this whole mess, i want to write an honest book on this because i think this liberal way of looking at things through rose colored glasses stinks . i think i am overly sympatheitic to white rasiict becase so manylegitimate questions have not been answered and to tell the truth i feel they are worth answering , i think liberal white people should really check themselves , they want everybody to accept everybody and i think that is so wrong , i feel everyone needs to prove themsleves, i feel condemned to h*** in this inner city ghetoo where on one hand they are buying red bull , potaoe chips , and all sorts of other junk food with our taxes and it is funny how they feel like they should be treated like royalty when their bill comes to close to twenty dollars for nothing but junk food . to be honest i would rather lose my job then to be so accomidating to these people , i dont feel like i am a part of them anymore , being from the St.Paul projects was never a badge of honor , it was insulting that we lived in government housing l but my mom raoyally f***** my dad over and is it any wonder she had not a better plan but government assiatnce? for some reason black men like their pants around their legs , i don't get it , you look like you want to be molested or raped, which is it? No style out of the punk secen or anything ever looked like that but yet , you want to be respected ? i am not sure where all this is going but i wsh the klan or someone would wake you the f*** up , i wish you would stop killing each other and learn to love instead or shooting people or threatening some one that may take you serious , and then shoot " that good boy" . you thugs are nothing but latent homosexuals that thinks everyone is afraid of you the only thing i fear is that one day you will dirupt my quiet life and i may hve to Hulk out on you and kill your punk a**** . Btw , if you are dealing drugs , it probalby isn't a good idea to threaten someone on tape ? but oi seel the stink of your pot riddn clothes and it makes my stomach turn , yo suck when you say you want to kick my ass when i am three time s your size and you are on my turf, i will do you old school , i won't fight you right away but i will wait until you are good and high and i will be there....i wish there was a goon squad , a suioper secret org, that would take all of these druggies and crack heads and put them in a place where they have to survive or die....we would do so much better without you , just turn yourself in , you are going to jail anyway....

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  • Stop generalizing. I got 2 words for you: Barack Obama.

  • you know it is not every black person's job to try and make the world a better place or keep dirty little secrets about what i see among other blacks ....btw these are my thoughts and last i looked we live in america.....

  • SiteShrink, you're black?

  • To the OP.

    I don't disagree that some of the things you said are true. As a matter of a fact some of the things you said annoy me as well. I just don't think that coming here and blasting it does us any good what so ever. Besides as we all know there are two sides to every story and we as black people have contributed a lot to society as well. But if you are trying to do something about it then more power to you.


  • ^No I have not heard of that. I still live in MN (I won't say where on here though)...I just thought it was kinda cool to see someone on this site from the same state! LOL

  • I am the one that wrote that original post , i think it is a little tiresome to expect any well to do " minority " to be some kind of example to a race that has the same opprotunities as anyone , why should i try to be anything but a good person ? in my post i said " most" not all . Also i have figured out a way to get over all of this angst that i have , again , toward most black people . And that is try and do something good for them , but i noticed that most of you that have read my post neve really commented on what i wrote but only what you feel , why not? I think it is b\\ecause we know the truth or some sort of legitimate critcism is warranted . i also think you miss the point , i do not hate my race I hate that our race is so tattered and lied to by other blacks , and we are presenting something that we are not . We are know for our love and charity , we don't present ourselves as people with a conscience , we seem to only blame others and not accept the responsibilty for where we are as a race.

    To the lady that has been so patient with my rants , i used to live in Mount Airy have you ever heard of it? I no longer in St. Paul , but in wisconsin....

  • He can't blanket all black men in his statement anyways because he contradicts that by BEING a black man and apparently not being those things.

  • This is probably one of the most racist post I've ever read and it comes from a black man no less. I don't dispute that some of the things mentioned in your post is true. But I don't like the way you blanket all black men in your statement. Not all black men wear their pants below their butts or smoke and sell drugs. Not all black men live in the ghetto or are from the ghetto. See what puzzles me is people like you. People like you are why our race can't progress. You are a black person who you say grew up in the ghetto and I'm guessing by your post that you are no longer living in the ghetto and doing well for yourself. Then why is it that you won't try to be an example for somebody else who's in the ghetto instead of trashing them. There is good and bad in every race and while it's ok to be upset at the bad in your race, if you are that upset try and change it. Because coming on here and trash talking the way you are isn't doing anything but making the situation worse.


  • "learn to love "

    This is a direct quote from your post. . .maybe you should take your own advice.

  • Hey! I commented on your last post. (I am the white woman with the black man, in case you don't remeber) And, I just wanted to tell you that I live in the same state (if you still live in St.Paul.) Cool huh???

    Oh, and wtf projects are in MN. . .I have never seen any real projects out here!

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