Sometimes when my wife is late coming

Sometimes when my wife is late coming home I imagine that maybe she got in a bad car wreck or something. And sometimes I find myself hoping that will happen. We pretty much can't stand each other any more.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • That's what happens when you stay together for dumb reasons, like wanting to be seen as respectably married or because the house is in both your names. $hit or get off the pot.

  • what an asssshole

  • ^and immaturity makes a random appearance

  • She's late because she's busy sucking and f****** my d***.

  • Same thing sometimes with my aunt(I live with her). If she would not abuse me maybe I would not wish such things.

    -Hestacley Tairs

  • Too freakin funny OP.
    A couple we know sends each other sympathy cards on their aniversary. HAHAHAHA

  • Yes, really it's time to seperate my friend.


  • Ummmmm, time for a divorce!

  • And you are not getting a divorce because...?!!

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