Confuse with my behaviour

I was 15 years old , and i feel strange with my behaviour , sometimes i will be very happy and kind and after that i will be very rude . sometimes i will be very friendly but after that i will be a loner



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  • It's called "Puberty!"
    You need to improve your grammar and punctuation:)

  • Maybe you're an empath(someone who can feel/download the abilities of other people). Either that or you're bi-polar.

  • You are bipolar

  • I really hope you get to read this, because I was heaps like that when I was 15 but now (i'm 29yo) i'm ok. I'm also a Youth Worker, which means I get to spend time with heaps of people 15yo and I think having ups and downs is TOTALLY NORMAL. It's s*** and hard to deal with when people are like "what's wrong with you? You were happy before" or "you're a backstabbing b**** for not hanging with us on Saturday" I reckon. Maybe try just saying, "dude, i'm 15. Just come back when i'm 20" although this might p*** off the parentals. If your actually having massive mood swings like 7 times within the same day - it could be more serious and you could talk to a doctor/counsellor. If it's not MASSIVELY extreme it's likely normal!

  • I think you may be bipolar, your mood changes alot.

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