This site is overpopulated with

This site is overpopulated with degenarate losers. . . .All of you idiots who sign their posts are f****** retarded. . .seriously. . .are you guys all mentally ill, or just plain stupid?

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  • yay


  • Nice poster #2.

    But to the OP, if you don't like seeing people sign their name simply stop reading their post. Why is it that people have to stop doing something because you don't like it. If you don't like it then stop reading it's that simple.


  • The line is moving, buddy. Keep up.

    Harry Palms

  • I'm looking for the mentally ill line?

    Master Debator

  • ^NON-CONFORMIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well, I'm not going to sign this comment just to be a b******.

  • Is this the line for mental help?

    Miles Long

  • well add me to the list too.

    Haywood Jablomi

  • I too, am mentally ill.

    Jack Mehoff

  • I am mentally ill.

    Harry Testacles.

  • I only sign my posts so people know who to direct the help to. I need it bad and to answer your question, yes I am mentally ill.

    - Hestacley Tairs

  • Opinions are like a*******........ I'm sure we'll all hear about your inferiority complex over the diminutive size of your p**** next.

    Hugh Jorgan

  • I don't see how signing a name is a problem, yes there are people who come here to aggravate the situation, but not everyone. However I see your point, and if it will help keep the peace I will voluntarily stop adding a signature to my name.


  • DUDE! Thats way negative karma little dude! ohh man, what are you doing, people need to express, man to LOVE, thats what its all about! we can beat you're negative karma! Run in the field with flowers man!

    Super Hippie

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