My cousins are d-bags

Most of my cousins are complete and utter w*nkers.
Yes, that includes PJ, Maresa, Philip, John and some of my Dads nieces and nephews. So, w*nkers! That's what you are and I don't care if I never speak to you again. 'Cousin' Marty, sc&ew you for shouting at me, dbag. Anne, stop being so f'ing stuck up! Be nice! PJ you're an a**h*le. Maresa you have no care for anyone who's not immediate family. You cannot communicate. You've been rude to my Dear Mother countless times, so for that, **** you. Philip you irritate me to death, you dh*ad. Sr#ew you for all the times you upset my Mom. Yeah! PJ big dbag. Parasite! B&m! Cheat! Zero respect for you, you ars*h%le. F£%& you PJ. Don't ever talk to me again.

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