People die

When someone dies in a accident or swimming. I really don't care. Like it's sad for them and their friends and family but it's not a national tradgedy or anything. On the news they make a big deal about these sorts of deaths and I figure they made the decision to go swimming or rock climbing or whatever. So they got eaten or drowned or fell off a cliff. I just don't care.

Jan 11, 2017

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  • Live till you die. ☺

  • That's my intention

  • Good for you, now move on!

  • We all die...that’s life, if you want to grieve then grieve if you can't care less then that’s your prerogative.

  • We can't care to an extreme about everyone who suffers. We'd lose our sanity if we did. If we can help in a practical way ( give to charity for people we don't know, or a helping hand for friends and neighbors), that's about the best we can do. Better action with little feeling than feeling with little action.

  • I agree

  • ..... and nobody cares about your stupid post

  • You don't, but that doesn't mean others don't. Speak o Ly for yourself and no one else!

  • Tragedy, not "tradgedy"

    Your grammar and punctuation skills, are poor! You should at least, "care about these!"

  • And you should, learn about, proper comma placement! Check,mate! LOL

  • Your wright.

  • I am indeed

  • Lol I am

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