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I am 15 years old, I have been dating this guy for 2 years now. I love him, I am so comfortable around him. I can truly say I fell in love with him. But about 6 months ago, he got locked up and has been in jail... He's not getting out for a couple years and is going to prison. I want to wait for him, but i don't know if i can. I want to live my teenage years, in fun not misery because I can't see my boyfriend.
This really sucks, I'm close with his family and everything. I don't want to leave him, I don't know what to do. I'm in love with him.

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  • I'm in love with someone I shouldn't be everyone posting to just dump him or forget him and move on... That doesn't really help and it doesn't work. Love is a miserable thing when it's with someone you can't be with. Especially for teenagers. But I'm in my 30s now and if I could be with the girl I love even though I know it would f*** up my life I most likely would still do it. I'm just going to say you sound like a sweet girl when you deserve to be happy. You have my sympathy and I hope you find happiness. Hang in there and have a fun life.

  • He's going to get out and chances are you're going to get pregnant by 21. He's going to go back to prison because that's what happens to 75% of Ervin's. You will bounce from your minimum wage job to your 2nd minimum wage job to feed your kids. If he was in for a drug crime you will be dealing with his addictions. By age 30 you will wonder where your life went.

    Maybe none of that happens. But, get mixed up with a felon and the chances are far higher for the bleak life I picture than they are for doing what you want in your life.

  • Love yourself more. Break up and move on. It won't be easy, because you love him. But you have to live your life and you can't be put in your own self imposed prison because he made poor decisions. And even if he gets out, move on. Chances are when he gets out, he may have a lot of problems, like not being able to get a job because of having a felony on his record. Don't make his setback become your own too.

  • As an old man I roll my eyes and wonder what it is with women.

  • Is it waiting like the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Like its out because you are apart that you want him so much?

  • Women -- of all ages -- think they can fix broken men. Many of them spend their lives trying to do that. Now, re-read that last sentence, substituting the word "waste" for the word "spend". What you think is "love" is really just your need to BE loved. But this guy can't love you: he's a criminal, and he will always, only, forever think of himself. End the relationship. Do yourself a favor and find a man who cares about you more than he cares about himself. Stop wasting your love on an idiot. And stop trying to fix him. He doesn't want it, and you can't do it.

  • How did he end up in jail? He sounds like a loserto me. Break up with him. The world is full of young men who don't commit crimes.

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