Mother in law

I have a sexual attraction to my mother in law. She is 57 but looks more like early 40s, she has a great body for her age and I fantasise about her almost daily. When she is on holiday, I check on the house and always make sure I check her dressing room, going into her underwear draw and taking out her sexy items to look at and w***. This week I found dirty underwear in the laundry basket, some had p**** juices on them. I admit I sniffed hard and even licked them. I couldn't help but get a raging b****. I then tried them on, size 10/12 lacy french knickers, my c*** couldn't stay in I was so hard (even though I have a small one). I rubbed the stained panties all over my d*** before wanking myself off and returning them. I plan to go back again tomorrow and try on her clean panties and bra and then rub my d*** over them so when she wears them my c*** will have rubbed against her t*** and p****. I would love to f*** her brains out but I don't want to risk my marriage and ruin the fantasy.

Jun 27, 2015

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  • If I were your mother-in-law and I found your c** stains on my panties I would have you across my knee and give you a bare ass spanking until you came over my stockings. Then I would make you like them clean young man.

  • Oh my, I'm bulging hard at the thought of this. I would love to lick my c** off your stockings. What would you do if you came home one day and caught me wearing your panties and bra?

  • Awesome....keep us informed...maybe she will notice your c** on her panties and lick them clean!

  • Well I wert round today. I wasted no time, and went straight for her dressing room. Before I knew it I was naked with a pair of my mother in law's dirty panties and a clean bra and knickers. I put on the lacy French knickers and bra, both were tight but my d*** was the hardest it has ever been. I took some photos but I ended up deleting them straight after it all. I felt forced to not waste time as a ringing phone threw me off my game so dressed in her fresh underwear I wanked my little d*** and came with a a few seconds. The best w*** I had ever had. I didn't c** in her panties but I did wipe a bit of my c** along her panties and it turns me on that her p**** lips will run against this. I've never worn women's underwear before this whole thing but the thought of wearing her underwear while she dominates me will be a fantasy that will probably never come true but turn me on for many years.

  • C** in her pants and let it dry.

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