Smart Styles Salon

Smart Styles is a salon that is located inside of Walmart. The levels of ratchetness that comes through the door will drive you to drinking!!! They will hire anything off the streets to work there. If you can blink, burp or fart you could become a manager. No training or background checks required. Everyone gets a door key to the salon in 7 days or less. You're not allow to get sick and the pay sucks. If you do get sick, you're better off going to a charity hospital (if you don't die first) with the sad benefits they offer. People are constantly quiting, so you're there for 11-12 hours, 5-6 days out of a week mostly by yourself. You barely get, if any of your breaks. While you're servicing a client you have to stop, answer the phones and check out customers that are purchasing hair products. In between keeping the salon clean and efficient. On your days off you're too tired and worn out to have any kind of life outside of Smart Styles. Then you have some guest who are rude, and let their child run loose knocking over, breaking or spilling stuff. Some of the guest are plain nasty. They walk in the salon feeling a sense of entitlement with body oders, stinky breath, or greasy looking hair. Like I can't tell it's been 3wks or more since you had a shampoo. Not to mention the kids or adults that will not sit still so you won't cut their ass or yourself.


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