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How the h*** is is possible that you tell me you love me when you know all I want is to have a relationship with you again. How can someone be so cruel to say those words that matter so much yet keep the person so far away.
It hurts to have to be your "friend" when you still call me beautiful and still hold my hand but tell me I'm too emotional when I call you hon . And then you call me a b**** , it's like you keep me close enough to hope that we will be together again but far enough to know that it may never happen ,that your affection towards me could be gone any second. It hurts every damn day .. I don't want to walk away but I'm not strong enough to endure this much longer. It hurts , it hurts every single day. Everything , every good moment hurts because I don't know if it will be our last and every moment you aren't there I think in my head that you should be there..

Jul 2, 2015

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  • Sounds to me like you have a magical mouth or p**** and that's what he wants from you. Obviously he knows you're in a weak spot and he using that to his advantage. Be strong tell him to f*** off. You will find someone that loves and appreciates you for all of you. Just be patient and open minded. It will come.

  • He's using you because you're a sure thing until he finds someone else. In the meantime, he's mind f****** you.

  • Just dont talk to him and get him out your life

  • He sounds like a manipulative a****** that want's a backup to get his ego stroked when he needs it.

    Don't make a scene... just email/text/tell him that you guys are done and you are done talking with him. Move on, act strong even though it may be a facade. Even though you might not believe it now, you soon will. The sooner you get away from the toxic relationship the more perspective you will get, the better you will feel. Sooner rather than later you will look back and realize the truth.

    Hope you the best.. stay strong!

    (FWIW I'm a guy who went through a similar situation!)

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