Behind The Chair Tips Before Your Next Haircut

Tips From Behind The Chair

1. If the adult or child is sick, please reschedule until ALL of the symptoms are gone. We don't want it nor do we want to pass it around to our family, co-workers and other clients.

2. Be on time, for your appointment or reschedule it, if you're going to be late. It's not fair to stylist or any other guest, that was there on time.

3. Monitor your children's behavior. Don't let them run wild in the salon embarrassing you as if they're being raised without any home training.
People WILL hate to see you coming, if they don't start refusing your business all together.

4. Please give yourself or your child a hygiene check. We have to smell your breath, body-odor, and dirty greasy hair. Not to mention extra stuff like crust behind the ears,ect.

5. Be realistic with yourself on what You Want and What YOU Have!!!! Please pick pictures that comes close to your face, hair and body type. Please understand we're NOT after your spouse nor a baby sitters, magicians, plastic surgeons, the fountain of youth, Jenny Craig, Bosley for men, a psychiatrists, a doctor, We don't walk on water nor can turn it into wine.

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  • To some degree, I don't agree with number 5. #s 1 - 4..those are rules for everyone and it's not limited to going to a salon, it's common sense and consideration everywhere. I have been going to my stylists for years. I think it takes time to get a good "team" in place. Not every esthetician knows how to shape brows properly, but can do great facials. Very rarely do I go to someone else, unless mine is away or I want to just try someone new. And I always feel as if I'm "cheating" on them, because you do develop a relationship with them. When someone is working that closely with you - hair stylist, colorist, esthetician, manicurist etc - you do trust them. My hair stylist knows the texture of my hair and she knows enough to what it will or won't do and I would trust her to make appropriate modifications if I brought in some pic of what I wanted. Of course, you always have people that just don't get it. They don't get why their hair won't do what Jennifer Aniston's does. I trust that they are up on the latest trends and taking classes to further their education. I trust that all of their tools are cleaned properly to use from one client to the next. I expect their salon is clean and their staff is friendly. So I disagree, you are in a field to make people look their very best and you are for that hour their personal magician, plastic surgeon and therapist all within reason. If you aren't then maybe you're in the wrong line of work (or establishment ie. if you're working with kids you're not going to see the same types of clients if it were in a higher end salon) or have the wrong clients.

  • Thanks for your point of view. I was just venting. Truthfully I wouldn't talk or share alot of things that clients talk about to a stylist,colorist,esthetician, manicurist ect. NOT ALL of them but some do share the info with the staff, and some of their other regular clients. I've never ever participated in stuff like that but I've seen it done. Then on the next visit the staff knows about your business and can't wait for an update when you leave, doing it all with a smile. I've seen sooo much nasty and unprofessional stuff done from behind the chair till it's sad. Don't forget that the staff sometimes get together out side of work, so they can really go in about their feelings and your information. Just know on your next visit to wherever getting whatever if you told one person something in confidenceand. On the next visit at least 2 more people who may or may not works there, knows about it.

  • Oh for sure. You never know what someone will do with information you share. The people I go to I do trust. We've actually become friends (with a few of them). Are you the same OP that posted about working at the Walmart studio? That does sound crazy! Never a dull moment. Have you considered working in a salon? Of course, every place anywhere has its own set of problems. But money could be better. Or even advertise on Craigslist to do bridal hair..if you would enjoy that. Just an idea to get out of where you are.

  • Oh God No!

  • Oh God No! I got to much experience to work at the bottom of the food chain.

  • Lol! I receive alot of tips, cause I'm that damn good! Make sure your ass is up to par, before you sit in someone's chair. If you read # 5 correctly towards the end, it states what we are NOT to the clients. I don't wear false nails and will still serve white trash like you.

  • Here are some tips from a customer:

    NOONE gives a rats ass about your damn boyfriends!

    If you say you offer free hot towel service - actually provide it.

    Your fake nails digging into my scalp is GROSS!

    If your not such a douche you will get a good tip!

  • You sound like poor white swamp water trash, and that says alot coming from one white person to another!

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