Am I turning into a sissy?

I want to be constantly teased about my little d!ck, by my wife, her friends, my mother in law, my boss & colleagues.
I want to wear panties everyday. Maybe some days forced to wear a bra and stockings too.
I want to be forced to watch my wife get f*cked by huge d!cked men. Then made to lick up their c*m.
I want to be forced to lick up my c*m, especially off women's feet.
I want to have d!ldos and strap0ns put up my a$$ on a daily basis.
I want naked pics of my little w!lly, me dressed in women's underwear and getting f*cked put online for others to comments on.
I want to be forced to and virtually raped in my mouth to suck a guy off.
I definitely want to be raped in my a$$ by a woman.
I want to go a nude beach with my wife and to be laughed at because of my little c*** as people walk past but then she is sucking off guys and f****** them on the beach so everyone knows I'm a helpless little b**** with no control.
I want to watch my wife get g@ngbanged and then c** all over her. Then I have to lick her clean and maybe clean all the d!cks with my tongue.
I want to be g@ngbanged by a group of my wife's friends all wearing massive strap0ns that can shoot out fluid into & onto me.
I can't help but w@nk about these things!

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