Sometimes I wonder if there really is a

Sometimes I wonder if there really is a God. I've been going to church for 3 years and whenever I compare my life to my brothers and sisters, mine looses. They have lasting relationships, I don't. They can hold in alcohol, I can't. They got drunk at a younger age then me and is more experienced in that but I've already have to get my stomach pumped. They've been driving for longer than me, but I've already crashed. I trained for swimming for soo many years, my twin brother is in the olympics. I won't get there. Back in school, my grades were worse, but I tried soo much harder. I can't hold a job. I had surgery as an infant and have a disgusting 20cm scar. Oh and my financial situation SUCKS.

My family isn't interested in religion, they used to give me s*** when I first became interested. But my life still sucks. Why would a god give his decendant a f****** s*** life that makes me want to give up and just do E or harder drugs to escape reality when people who are athiests go through life easy breezy? I'm over this.

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  • First of all most of the things you compare yourself to your brothers in aren't even worth it. Who cares if they can drink more than you. Most people who drive a car has been in an accident at one time or another so the fact that you crashed means nothing. Ok so you wanted to go to the Olympics and it didn't happen but there could be much worse. As for the job thing that's more you not religion or God. To answer your question there certainly is a God. But the good thing about God is that he give us choices in life. We have to make good choices based on the cards we are dealt. If you know you don't hold your drinks as well then don't drink as much. You are not the first person to get fired or lose a job so just get another one. But most of all you have to change your attitude and your outlook on life or else things will never get better. Start thinking positive. Plus be careful about who and how you measure yourself or your life to other people. From the outside it may look like the other person's life is great but in reality they could actually be miserable or even jealous of you. You just never know what goes on behind closed doors. Whatever you do, don't start doing E or any hard drugs. Because then your life would really suck.


  • You seem to think you must 'keep up'. You can't live your life in their shadow, trying to imitate them.

    It does look like you go overboard measuring them. Like drinking. You can't blame them for your poor drinking experiences. You need to set it up, set limits, enjoy it with friends, or not. Personally I'm happy to drink at home if I decide that getting drunk is something I want to do that night. There also has been nights where I go out, but don't want to drink.

    Its also kinda wrong thinking that religion will fix a life. Its taken more than it's saved.


    - Hestacley Tairs

  • Yes, there is a God, but it's just me, and honestly, I can't do s*** about your life. Sorry.


  • Do the research for yourself. Focus on the origins of religion.

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