My Brother

The reason I'm so angry at him is because he is a loser who never even step foot in college... got a GED because my parents who have worked hard their whole life, spent over 1 million dollars in private schools and all sorts of other s*** for him made him get a GED. He makes me so angry I've destroyed pillows thinking of him, I've had very violent thoughts of killing him. I love him, hes my older brother and Ive looked up to him so much until he became this cigarette smoking, fat piece of s*** loser that he is now. He can't work, has no perseverance, no motivation... and it makes me sad that hes gonna turn out to be some loser for the rest of his life. He steals money from me, steals my weed, steals my car keys (trust me, that didn't go far)... I have a fear that one day when were going to fight, that I'll kill him on accident.... I love him but he makes me so angry! Why can't he succeed in life? Why can't he f****** get a job and live in an apartment and do something great with his life? My parents got him a car, an apartment full rent paid for and everything paid for... and 3 months later he decides to quit basically smoking the best California weed completely free and slouching on a couch eating all day because my parents wanted him to go to college.... I f****** hate the he is!

Feb 27, 2012

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  • You are a caring and concerned sister. Take him to a Councillor without telling him who can dig into your brothers minds and try to read whats going on. That may help.

  • The best thing you can do for you, is to live your life, and let him live his. There could be a lot of reasons why your brother isn't motivated..depression that's not being treated, drug addiction - could be weed is really a larger problem, does he do harder drugs that no one knows about? He probably wants to do more, but just feels stuck and doesn't know what he wants to do or how to start, so he does nothing. Sounds like your parents love you guys and it's nice that they've provided so generously, but giving too much can be an injustice. They've enabled him so much, that he doesn't think he needs to work for anything. What they need to do is see if there are some deeper issues and if it's just that he's lazy - dish out some tough love and make him work for it. Give him a deadline to get a job or go to school and get out on your own. It may even help him to know how much you want for him to actually succeed at something.

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