I set my neighbours cat on fire and

I set my neighbours cat on fire and watched it run around like crazy, it eventually fell in the pool and ended up surviving - which I am happy about - the cat is fully recovered now so it's all good. I don't think id do it again, it was so cruel but at the time it was thrilling.

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  • You're going to h***.

  • There's nothing like the smell of a hot p****.

  • That's REALLY mean....

    ...but that made me laugh my ass off.

    haha, (:

  • thats so mean!!! yet i laughed....

  • My brother used to catch fish in the pond at the park, lay them on the ground, and ride his bike over them while they were still alive

  • You see this a lot. Young people who do things that they know will either hurt or kill whatever they are doing it to, but because we're a higher life form or they don't have the empathy to just not do it in the first place, they do it and regret it.

    On Liveleak.com I saw a video of some troops. They were obviously bored, and decided to put a bullet into a dog which was nearby. The first bullet dropped the dog, but it didn't silence him. It took ten seconds of horrible horrible yelping and whining, and another 4 shots to put it to rest.

    I was appalled, but it did remind me of some of the insensitive things I may have done in my own past. I listen to my conscience more often now.

    Be a better person and find thrilling activities that won't harm other living beings. Stick to Mentos Pop Bombs or something else.

  • I hope u burn in h*** a******

  • Set yourself on fire, you'll be much more thrilled and excited by it...i promise...

  • If i ever saw somone do that to an animal i would need all the power i have within me to stop my self from beating you to a red mush! I dont belive in god but i sure as h*** belive that some people are plain evil. I think your in the ball park!

  • did it smell like dim sim???????????

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