Catching my wife cheating

I came home early one afternoon went in my house and I could hear my wife giggling from the bedroom, So I snuck down quietly cause I figured my wife was fooling around with another guy. I peaked into the bedroom and to my shock she was kissing her father on the lips and he was groping her b**** through her sweater .I was stunned and yet really turned on watching. I didn't think they would go any farther, but to my surprise all clothes started coming off and they started to 69 he was 60 years old and has a huge c*** and she rode it hard. That night I told her I saw them having s** , she was scared I would leave her and I told her I got turned on by watching. She told me she started having oral s** with him when she was 12 and and her b**** were starting to grow and he would fondle them while playing with his c***. He told her he wasn't getting any from her mom anymore and my wife enjoyed getting her t****** sucked.He comes over every Friday for s** and I come home late so they don't have to rush. I told her next week I'm going over and f*** her mom, she's quite attractive. My wife's ok with that and she thinks her mom might be ok with that to,


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  • So, have you f***** MIL yet?

  • That is so wrong on so many levels. What the f*** is wrong with you?

  • There's nothing sexy about what's happening to your wife. Her father is abusing her. Sure, she's an adult. But he's groomed her since she was 12 to most likely "keep it a secret" Oh yea.. that's it's her problem that she should have s** with her own father because her mom isn't having s** with her. Did you actually think that is an okay excuse to molest a child? She is probably terrified and has no idea how to stop it and there you are getting off on it and telling her it's "okay" to continue! You're a total f-ing a******. You're no different than her father...keeping some perverted secret and she endures it every dreaded Friday. She probably thought it was safe to tell you a secret that she's been keeping for years and you are encouraging her to continue instead of telling her that it's wrong and that the cops should be called and she doesn't have to do it anymore. Your wife has a monster for a father and married one as well.

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