I still want to kill myself

After moving back home from university I have found that I lay in bed and still try and think of the easiest ways to kill myself.

At university I overdosed 4 times, 2 times I got taken to hospital, 1 where the paramedics had to be called and one where I was unconsuse for 2 days. I can't tell my family and I can hardly touch my boyfriend. I don't feel like I'm getting better, I want to get better but imagen the world without yourself in, can't you see some people being free!

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  • Hey I have been where you are it is a miserable place but I promise you the world would not be a brighter place without you in it. The same people you want to "free" would be devastated at the loss and will live the rest of their lives wondering what they did wrong to make you feel you had to die. Please don't go. If you want to talk or vent or what ever the case may be tacobravo@mail.com I know it's weird but hey I check it at work every day and usually just standing around with my thumb in my butt with nothing to do :)

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