Great American & African Pussie*s

I was born in Africa, in the mid sixties, in a farm setting,as the oldest of 9. I grew up well,went to decent schools-primary,secondary,and advanced high school. I did not have my first sexual experience till I was 15 and about to finish an equivalent of the 11th grade.It seems like thereafter,I was having reasonable s** with different girls,some in the woods and some in the house.My parents were strict.
After graduating from advanced high school,I started teaching at a co-ed secondary school.I was young, bright ,and attracted quite a number of young mature girls from the school.I slept with so many within a year it wasn't even funny.I was getting paid a decent wage and could even attract working class women and prostitutes,but I was so discreet about my dealings.
I was just getting settled in when my parents decided I go to the United States for college.I was reluctant but did the paperwork and was accepted and flew out.I ended up with three graduate degrees.
For the first year or so in the US,I had no s** and it was torture-some.Most likely because I had no car,shared apt with other people,no job or extra money,and could not understand the American accent well.
Things improved when I moved from a southern to a northern state. I quickly started working,joined a local community college,got a car and an apt with a roommate. I went to a bar one night and an older(34) separated white woman,with two young kids got interested in me.She took me to her place and I had s** in America for the first time.I was like a bull and f***** her so hard she called off from work the next day, because she could not walk. Within the time we were together,she showed me oral s** and so many other sexual activities I never dreamed about in my life.
She started cheating on me with another African after a year(must have developed jungle fever as they say,lol),and that hurt my feelings badly. I started dating other women. I just enjoyed lots of s** and did not care about race,age(no minors) or marital status.It helped that I was working in healthcare, and many women were willing to get me assimilated in America.Dealing with that many women at work on a daily basis helped me gain confidence and learn how to approach and communicate with women.I ended up sleeping with hundreds of women in every imaginable place(at work,we did it in patient bed, closet, bathroom,really any place we could hide).
Despite sleeping with that many women,I only was able to have two kids with one young African American woman, who also ended up marrying me for around 10 years.I was extremely unfaithful in that marriage.Although I enjoyed f****** women of any race/legal age,size or marital status,I was most attracted to African American women.
I still enjoy a diversity of women and s** and as I get older,and having been married and divorced many times,I enjoy my four kids(two with an American woman and two by an African woman).I think I also should have had kids with White,Hispanic,Asian,and Native American women simply to diversify my genes.

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  • Liar liar. Your black ass on fire.

  • Good STORY!!!

  • Typical nigge r. Trying to have as many kids as he can without supporting them.

  • Explain to readers how you have supported your kids.

  • Cause that's not rasicst at all. Wtf.

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