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I have chronic asthma, A personality disorder and spinal schilosis. I've been fired six times and laid off four time.

My one and only marriage failed miserably and I have no children.

I'm an atheist.

Guess why?

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  • And that is your choice to believe. My beliefs are God is good and that there is a reason for everything to happen as it does. You are a bitter person looking for someone or something to blame. Asthma and spinal scoliosis are hereditary, so i guess you start by blaming your parents. Fired from jobs? It happens to all of us. Broken marriage? 59% end up in divorce. Grow up and stop b*******. Put on your big girl granny panties and get to living. I will now step down off my soap box.

  • Why worship a god who dumps s*** on you? I mean your right I can handle these problems but why should I?

    My problems have made me look the other way when it comes to religion. Listening to the wisdom of the skeptics I have come to know my problems are random scientifically explained consequences of genetic weaknesses.

    If this man in the sky of yours existed he could do something about it.

    If god exists he either doesn't care about human suffering or is powerless to do something about it. Either way religion is nothing but a cop out and a poor way of dealing with reakity.

  • God never gives you more than you can handle, so here's a thought...... maybe the issue is you and your lack of faith. How you handle adversity dictates whether you are a winner or loser in life.

  • Man really I doubt if u grew up in Africa you'd say that God only gives what u can handle.....

  • I'm the OP.

    Good advice but I got another job and I was actually able to retire. My firings happened long ago but your adivce was good and I took it.

  • You have lots of separate problems. Getting fired lots of times indicates you are up your self. You probably dont get on with your work mates. You probably are unwilling to do some tasks. Next time you get a job try somthing new. Talk to your work mates. Do every task no matter how stupid or trivial or if it is somone elses job

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