Oral Fixation

I'm quite obsessed with blow jobs. Ever sense I gave my first one when I was 14 I've loved it. I loved how c**** fill my mouth and stretch my lips. Even more I love that every guy I've ever given one too ended up weak in the knees and always begged for more because it was the best they'd ever experienced. Now that I'm 21 and living with my bf I'm still just as obsessed. When we're sitting together on the couch I just stare at his shorts and think about shoving it into my mouth. He has a really defined head on his c*** and those curves on the underside of his head make me crazy when I feel it on my tongue. Currently he's deployed and I've spent so much time with my d**** just sucking on it pretending it's him. I think about blow jobs more than actual s** and it actually kind of makes me feel like an outsider because every other girl I've come across just says they're disgusting and try to avoid them as much as possible.

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  • Finally, someone who enjoys giving bjs as much as I do. I've given thousands to my ex-bf and he got weak on the knees, like you said. Sometimes he felt like he fell off the floor. I've given bjs that lasted three minutes, twice for 45 minutes. That was his fifth time c****** in two days, so it lasted longer. Anyway, that was then. My husband has ED and blames me for his inability to get aroused with me. Um, I don't think so. :(

  • I wish i was your man. I have to force my wife to do oral. Tears and vomit get tiresome after a while.

  • I'm in a similar sitch with my bf. I decided to kind of cheat on him and give BJs to some guys I've met. We are clear that there will be no s**, only the BJ. It's makes me happy and of course them too. I don't really think its all that bad, since were not actually f******. Maybe you should give it a try. Its better that blowing a piece of rubber.

  • I want a girl like you that sucks d*** on the side :)

  • Even tho I'm not big, I wish I could be one of those guys getting a bj from you. Make me fill your mouth.

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