Stomach fetish

My husband keeps a pillow under my lower back so that my stomach is arched. Then he sits with his full weight on my belly and bounces hard. Sometimes he makes me lie down on the wooden floor and then bounces on my stomach. Initially, it is ok but then it starts hurting on the floor. I am thin and he weighs 45 pounds more than me. He also sits full weight on my ** but I can' t take it more than 5 minutes. Also, no bouncing on **.
He sometimes stands with partial pressure on my belly and **.Yesterday, he stood full weight but for a few seconds only on my ** because I felt breathless and was scared that my ribs would crack.

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  • I do this with my gf too. She’s 105-110 pounds. I’m 242 pounds. I love stomach sitting, back sitting, chest sitting and **.

  • I don't ha ha ha

  • I'm 20 years old and I need a noose around my neck 💀

  • You need medicine

  • I'm 24 years old girl and who like to sit on me, please leave email address.




  • I am 39 yrs old emailid

  • I'm 24 years old girl and male who is middle aged who like to sit , email me.

  • Am 33yo Chennai.

  • I am 20 years old str8 boy, i love when people sit on my stomach, i have warm and very soft stomach to sit on, if u love sitting full weight on stomach for long time and watch movie then. Email me on
    I looking for older people only.50+ I am in uk

  • Hey I'm 23 years old girl is there any old middle aged male who wants to sit on me lev your email.....


  • I am in my 60's and weigh 195 lbs. My email is

  • I want to sit on your warm belly ...

  • Chat me

  • Email?? mob??

  • Whats your email so we can chat:)

  • Hii am 24,year old boy from india if any female stomach sitting karvani ** t o meri kik I'd xxxpolu.

  • Koi utter Pradesh ki girl ya women hai jo stomach sitting karvana chahti **

  • I would like to sit on your stomach for hours

  • Hey but how old are you. Leave your email and I will mail you. Well I am 23 and you because I only like middle age males sitting on me:)

  • I am 39 weighs 84 kg can i sit on u my mailid

  • I would love to,

  • Not sitting, but, I love pressing and squeezing my hot older sister's so-perfect tummy until she's gasping for air. Been doing that to her for years, and she actually likes it. Finds it scary and thrilling to be brought to that physical stage.

    Had her laying down on my dorm bed one time in college, really going at her..Even for me, I was really having at it (her fault..she wore a very **, short, sweater crop top that exhibited her tummy so well), to the point she nearly passed out. Did roll over when my roommate came in. He asked me what was going on, and lied like ** to him..

  • I also like to be sat on. But looking for someone in atlanta ga area as tht is where I live

  • In case u want to contact me here is my email id:

  • I live in atlanta. where exactly do u live? i could sit on ur stomach if u want it, as i'm really fond of sitting on woman's stomach.

  • Sandy springs! Email me

  • I also like to sit on women's stomachs but i only do it gently.

  • Every now and then I put my wife in a corset and lace it up teally tight. She does not really like it and a couple of times she has panicked and ended up passing out. Sometimes I force her to ** too

  • But that's cruel. Why don't you just sit or stand full weight on her stomach. That way she would enjoy it too and you will also love full weight trampling dominant position.

  • Dazu dann kräftig auf dem Bauch reiten bis sie jappst,nach einigen ohrfeigen weiterhin lange auf dem Bauch reiten

  • If I were you, I'd put on some weight--about 20 or 30 pounds--to make you more comfortable and to increase his pleasure. You gotta make your man happy, after all.

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