I hate concausians cos they think they

I hate concausians cos they think they are so good, we can't help it if our skin is darker, or our eye lashes are not as long, our eyes can only be black, our skin is not as fair, or that our skin sags more easily.

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  • sound like ur the one bringin it on yaself or the 'caucasians' that bagg you r really gay. id say its u doing the winging
    seems like you have a very low self esteem
    sure c****

  • First of all, I am white and have a lot of black friends. But you make black people look bad when you use incorrect grammar and spelling. (And, no, I am not saying that all white people can spell or use correct grammar. They look stupid too.) Also, it is just as ignorant for a black person to hate a white person as it is for a white person to hate a black person. I don't see how you can make such a broad generalization.

    PS- Caucasian skin wrinkles MORE with age. Black people look young at every age. It isn't fair. :)

  • The "I love caucasians" comment up there is wonderful.
    I agree.
    If we were to want a white history month, or if we were to want all-white colleges or white pride clubs, you f****** n****** would say it was racist.

  • I am white and I am far more annoyed by the "wiggers" than I am by other races. I don't see why spoiled white kids from well-off suburban families think they have any right to act "street" and angry at the authorities, or think that hip-hop or rap music represents them in any way. It's laughable and sad. If I was black I would be very offended by it.

  • It's the crackers that think that they're all high and mighty always calling blacks 'Gangster' and 'n*****' get over the f****** name calling you've got white gangsters that nobody ever talks about every gun totin redneck hillbilly I know is f****** 'gangster' so f****** label them because you call them cracker and they wanna hang ya do you get it c*********?

  • psh, darker is better, why do you think every white person wants a damn tan? be who you are and be proud of it

  • do u h8 ur own race or something? God, it's people like you that give other people of color a bad name. and for the commenter before me, you're obviously angry too b/c not all people are like that.

  • I love caucasians... its n****** who think that they are so 'gangsta' callin whites 'crackers' we sit there and take it but heaven forbid if we turn around and call you a n***** all h*** breaks loose... f*** you got it?

  • f*** you

  • grow up

  • sure c****

  • seems like you have a very low self esteem

  • sound like ur the one bringin it on yaself.
    or the 'caucasians' that bagg you r really gay.
    id say its u doing the winging

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