This isn't really a confession..


I hate my skin.

So, like most girls, I use make-up. However, I can't find anything that doesn't make my face look even worse! I don't know what to use and want to apply it properly, ugh. I feel hideous.

I need help.

What do I use and how do I find out what colour? I can't stand this anymore.

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  • I had the same problem for years! It didn't go away until I gave up dairy and meat of all kinds and became vegan. everytime i slip up, I breakout again. My husband went vegan and he no longer gets cystic acne.
    eat lots of fruits and vegetables too.

    also, eat low fat as much as possible. I notice I breakout if I eat tons of fat like fried foods.

    if you can go raw vegan, even better.

  • There is no cure for ugly,get help while you still can.

  • Agree with below. Drinking enough water, getting enough sleep all help your skin and overall health. Wear sunscreen daily, Don't smoke and DON'T PICK!! As for the right make up and skin care routine, that can be trial and error to find that combination that really works for you. But your first step would be going to Sephora or a make up counter at a department store and let them know what your issues/concerns are. Let them know what your issues are. What you want to cover up, what you're hoping to fix, what your daily routine is like, if you have any allergies or reactions, and your budget and they can set you up. Seeing your dermatologist could also help. And also even seeing an esthetician for facials can be helpful. Although you could probably look on line for some tips if that is a price deterrent. I really like bare minerals. I've heard some people have success with Proactiv, but with any routine you have to be consistent to really see and keep results.

  • Contrary to what you may have been told diet has an impact on the health and appearance of your skin. Eating the right foods and following a good skin care routine will give you a better baseline from which to build on. Just be cautious, there's a lot of bunk out there so try to confirm whatever you find and use common sense.

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