Sexs and Revenge

UM This is hard to say but my child hood is pretty screwed up my step dad has raised me since 3 yrs old and since 10yrs old I remember him showing me how to m********* while watching p*** then showed me a vibrator then around 11 or 12 (I don't remember cause I feel like its been going on forever.) He took my virginity then when I was 14 I wanted it to quit but he some how made me feel its Ok and I feel icky and sick in the head so I quit quit like month ago and I'm 16yrs old. I when to visit my real dad for the that month came back told him no more and now I think he is with my 11 year old sister and I don't want her to be like me. I am scared to tell someone now cause I will be called a sicko and stuff plus then it will divorce my parents and we are about to move and only way we are getting that home is cause he has a really good job. In the end could ruining the whole family. This sounds crazy cause I wouldn't even hurt a fly but I want him dead. I wish he never did that stuff to me or ever came into our life but cause time travel doesn't exist I'm thinking of making him disappear. Please change my mind Please! I need help!

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  • Please tell your real father about this. Trust me when you get older you wish you have done something. Your stepdad is a sick child molester.

  • So your thinking of killing this man but you can't go to your parents or the police ?
    That makes 0 sense .

    Go tell your mother and if she dose nothing cause most mother turn there heads on this because they don't know what to do then go to your dad he will take care of this !

    You and your sister need to go live with your dad now call your dad !!

  • You need to tell your mother and your father NOW
    No one is going to blame you for breaking up the family it's your step father who is to blame for breaking up the family .

    This man needs to be stop and if you don't say anything then your part of the problem because you know what this man has done to you and now your sister and you keep quiet .

    Stop letting fear stop you from doing the right thing !

  • I am sorry for you pain and suffering.Thanks for sharing. I work with lots of teenagers and children in your situation at a mental health hospital and I have seen and heard a lot.You need to save your sister and yourself.If you do nothing,you will continue to feel guilty and your sister will be suffering.I feel you need to tell your sister that you know what your step dad is doing and its not right.Then you need to tell your mom while you and her are alone.If you are close to your dad,even if you are not,you need to tell him.If he lives far or if you dont see him often,just call him. I imagine you go to school given your age.You need to talk to the school counselor right away.If you feel you cannot talk to any of these people personally or this week,as soon as you read this message,make a call to the National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-422-4453.You can talk to counselors there 24/7 and they will be able to help you,your sister and even your mom. Don't forget,you can call 911 or a non-emergency police number any time. Don't worry about the new house,IT MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING if you will not be happy there.You are going to be abused more there and so will your sister.You are not going to enjoy it anyway. If you make the call,the police will investigate,remove your step dad from the home and then you will never have to worry about doing anything bad or seeing him again ever!He is using the good job to do bad things to you.Your mom and your sister could move into a decent apt and live together happily without your step dad taking advantage of you and your little sister.If you do something,you will be a hero.If you do nothing,you will continue to be exploited,feel bad about yourself and hate yourself and life. All the people I told you to talk to are people who will help you and your sister for sure and they will do that immediately. Please,I want you to talk to any or all the people I told you this week and post back here by Friday and tell us what happened

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