Did the unforgettable

So its my boyfriends brithday week end he hung out with me and his best friend Ron we all started drinking my boyfriend jake had like 3 shooters and 4-5 beers.. Ron chugged about 7 beers and 1 shot..i had maybe 5 beers and 1 shot.. Jake ended up throwing up i did every thing i could to get him to feel better but then he fell asleep Ron and me stayed up and drank allot more haha then things escalated we started getting really close next were making out and next thing ik are cloths are off..keep in mind that jake is on the couch in the living room next to the kitchen where me an ron are.... Yes the kitchen with a clear sliding door too haha ... We started going we tried to be quite but i feel like we weren't quite at all o.o ..... Then i noticed that he wasent wearing a condom so we stop an i asked if he had one but no and of course i had to forget my purse so he just fingered the h*** out of me and i gave him a blow/hand job and we ended up back in the living room somehow in the morning i have yet to say anything to ron about that night but we are always looking at each other idk COMMENT IF I SHOULD ASK RON ABOUT IT !! And sorry i know its f***** up but i honesty wish i could dump jake for ron but im not that ass hole...

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  • Right on! I like

  • I have to agree with the majority of the opinions here. You should either tell your boyfriend that you f***** his best friend or leave him. There are a lot of guys who like the idea of their girlfriends/wives having s** (without love) with another man but there are not many who would accepting cheating that involves s** and love.

  • But you really are an a******.

  • You're a c***

  • You're an idiot.

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