Agenda 21

I don't know why people cannot see what is right in front of them.

The world as we know it is not sustainable with the mass overpopulation that currently exists.

It is simply a fact - and nobody seems to care about the future except for a few!

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  • Don't assume people don't care. Everyone is different. You don't know everyone on earth, so you can profess to know how everyone feels, in regards to our world.

  • Can't, not can

  • Totally agree with you! People thought Global Warming was a Joke a few Years ago and still only the Minority of People and Governments are starting to take is seriously. We contaminate our Water and Land all over the Planet without thought for the Future! We cannot keep Populating the Planet and feed everyone on it!

  • Nature will take care of the overpopulation like Ebola or the flu epidemic of 1918.

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