He came in my mouth

Me and my BF have been together for nearly 2 years and have been living together for nearly a year. I would say that sexually we are pretty conservative. We do 69ing but he always pulls out before he c*** and unloads on my t*** and I love it when this happens.
But last night he didn't pull out he just shoved his c*** further in, almost down my throat and dumped his load in my mouth.
My first reaction was to call him a dirty b****** and told him to get out of the bed and sleep on the sofa. This morning we hardly spoke apart from him when he said sorry and I could see he meant it.
So OK you might be saying fair enough but there is one little problem: I have not been able to think about anything else all day. If I am not dreaming about my BF c****** in my mouth over and over again then I have been dreaming about guys in my office doing it. I also dreamed of one the girls in the office, a rather beautiful blond, p****** into my mouth.
What the h*** has happened to, have I turned into a s*** overnight>



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  • No your not becoming a s***, u just woke you to great s**. Didn't feel bad about wanting more enjoy it while it last. One day u will look back and thank yourself for enjoying life. Just remember keep it to yourself

  • I love it when my partner c*** in my mouth. I don't swallow but he doesn't seem to mind. Ask him to not have alcohol and have fruits especially pineapple before the next one. What he eats the day before affects the taste of his s****.

  • Look it is not something you need to feel ashamed about, apart from the blond women at work thing, that is disgusting. I quite enjoy men and women p****** over my t*** but in my mouth - oh NO NO.
    As for a guy c****** in your mouth just let it happen, it is said to make your t*** get bigger but only if you swallow it of course. It tastes lovely and the things you can do with a mouthful of c** in a group s** session are legion. Even if it is just you and him try gargling with it and blowing bubbles with it but not if your parents are likely to walk in at any moment, they simply won't understand. It won't make you ill, it might give you the odd sore throat and once I was sick for hours when me and my friend were blowing guys in a bar. But I did swallow 10 or more loads so it was to be expected.
    Just take it easy and if you need any more info just let me know honey.

  • Tell him its alright u liked it and would like to try it more but give u warning so u can be prepare,

  • I am not sure I want to. I am very confused at the moment and I am now back staying at my parents. He keeps ringing me apologising and begging me to come back. At some time I am going to have to be honest with him and say how much I enjoyed but also how disgusting it was. I will not mention the fantasies I have been having about swallowing the curdle of any guy I see or having the bloned in my office p****** in my mouth. I just hope I can just feel one way about it then (a) we will get back together and I will have his curdle in my tummy or (b) we will break up. But at the moment I just don't know....
    ps I put this post on days ago, it took ages to appear.

  • Looks like I am s***. I have started to fancy this guy at work and I sucked him off in stock room and I loved it. I gave another guy a lift home the other night and asked him to drive and as he was I sucked his c***. He came at set of traffic lights and I loved it again.

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