Missing you

I miss you and your guidance, trying to remember everything you taught me. Keep dreaming about you too. Funny how some people can have the biggest impacts on our lives, and have spent so little time together.

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  • Missing you ....I should not it hurts damn and you won't understand ever

  • How do you know that?

  • What are your initials

  • Anonymous is my name Love is my game Creating dreams my passion Craving unreachables my obsession Reading and writing BS my addiction Stubborn heart my weakest possession Keeping thoughts under wraps am learning Soon will come The Ending.... Full stop you can call me..

  • ^^^^^ make your own post hijacking posts isn't necessary when you can post something of your own so easily

  • Thanks for the enlightenment. But it would have been better if you have mind your own business..

  • If ever you need me
    You'll never have to fear
    That your presence isn't important
    And your love isn't dear.
    If only someday you need me
    I will be there..

  • ^^^^^ thank you

  • Can so relate to this

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