White teen in prison

It was a dirty police officer of the state of New Hampshire. He brings 3 prisoners out with him for a hour. The prisoners were locked up for 8yrs. They haven't seen a woman or p**** in a while. The cop said u know what I'm gonna get y'all a woman and she is going to be in the prison with y'all. They said one women what about 3 for us 3. He said ok. Cop said come on. They went into super value. It is a sexy Indian milf work there. As soon as they walked in the Indian milf was just walking back to the register. They saw a good 3 flops flopping of the sexy Indian milf. The cop said these are 3 prisoners. They said hello. She said hi. This Indian milf was in a tight shirt with no bra and a tight black pants that stops to her calves. So you could see her sexy feet in flip flops and her anklets. The prisoners had a footfetish too. They said this is one we want. Cop said ok. One of the prisoners got close to her and said do you have a bathroom? No she said. The other prisoners are at the other end standing on their tippy toes looking at her sexy feet in pink flip flops. Omg they said. Then they left. The cop had a call from a landlord in east orange. He said I kicked these people out of my house and she is still here. They get their. Cop goes in. It's a sexy thick Arab milf with a fat ass and sexy feet in pink flip flops. U have to leave. She said she doesn't care what you need. The other cop comes. The sexy Arab milf punch the landlord. Cop said u are under arrest. Now u have a home. They outside now Arab milf had on tight ass tights and pink flip flops. Cop said I taking her to lady prison. The prisoners said no we want her. The cop said no bring her to my prison with the men. Then they left. It dark outside. They see Amanda walking around barefoot in a thong. Amanda is 13. They said this one too the cop went to get her. Cop said f*** there no room. Amanda had to sit on one of the prisoners lap. So they were back to the prison. Arab milf and Amanda was in the holding cell. U forgot about my Indian milf. I'll get her tomorrow or I might have to keep her. It was shower time. The cop brung the two females to the bathroom. Guys were going crazy. Listen up u guys are lucky we have two females in here. Guys were already jerking off. Alright Arab take off your clothes. She got naked. Guys were saying God dam huge booty and sexy feet in pink flip flops. Open your mouth and cough cop said. Cop said f*** this I'm just gonna throat and tonsils f*** u. Cop said guys watch and enjoy. Puky sloppy b****** deepthroat and puking all over the place again and again. It looked like a waterfall the way puke was coming out. Ok ur good. Now go sit down and cross your sexy legs towards the prisoners and dangle your sexy feet in those pink flip flops. What's your name cop asked. Myname is Amanda. How old are you she said ??. Prisoners were going crazy over Amanda. U have a sexy thick body and sexy feet barefoot.

Aug 7, 2015

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