I am a terrible person.

I'm 17 years old. ive had s** with quite a few men. ive never been loyal to anyone. i currently have 2 boyfriends. a cop and a construction worker. ones 25 the other 19. im also a mistress, the other woman. he's 30. his wifes a stripper, hes so very unhappy. every chance he gets, he comes to my town and we f*** like rabid wolves. then there's this other guy, hes 28. rich and very sexy. i wanna f*** him, but he doesnt want to get caught.
i have never been caught. no one knows all my secrets.
when i fantasize, i think of the married man.
how i kneel infront of him, with his c*** tonsil deep.
how he eats my p****, telling me im better than his wife.
which must mean im good, cause shes a stripper.
my construction worker boyfriend has all this money, which he spends on me and all my friends.
he gets soo mad that i dont want to have s** with him, but he f**** like an old man! i cant handle that. he's only 19, no where close to being old. sooo i just string him along, getting everything i can out of him.
then theres the cop. he's soooo f****** hot. he reminds me of that sexy irish guy off carlies angels 2. the one who goes after the redhead.
im a pretty lucky gal.
but im just not happy. im very selfish, i feel like i need all these people. i think ill be crushed when i lose even one of them.
i need help. i need something thats going to put forth order in my life.
there's a lot of underlying factors that affect my behavior, alll really relevant.
you know the whole not having a daddy thing. losing my virginity early. being raped. thinking i deserve pain.

but hey, im only human.

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  • Troll!!! If not,you need to seek therapy!!

  • You should leave them- take time for urself to figure ur self out- and find a husband- make sure u tell him the past to makesure he loves u truly - then be loyal to him

  • wow, are you serious?
    that wont make me seem slutty?

    lame, grow the f*** up.

  • you should f*** them all no mater how they f***.

  • keep it up, your doing great. since you go tonsil deep in your mouth, you should try b**** deep in your ass. they will all love it.

  • by the way. im really not 17. im 15. and all the men in this are all older than i said.

  • Or just focus on yourself. You don't need another person to make you happy.

  • ^ That really nails it does it not? Pick ONE. Focus on a true relationship, not a facade.

  • Well first stop lying
    2nd If your sleeping around make sure your waring protection, you dont want std's or babies
    Now I'm not trying to be a b****...pay attention to what I'm saying.
    In a few years from now, your going to have to live everything you've done. When I was in highschool, I slept around and had different "boyfriends" and now I feel like s***, No ones going to respect you until you respect yourself. Don't ruin s** for yourself in the future. It can be very special.

  • well, thinking im going to end up in a trailor park is just typical. but not going to happen. im a high school student, but enrolled in college classes through my high school. im very well educated. i just lead a double life.
    i could stop at anytime. choose not to for some reason. it feels good to be wanted. very good.
    but being wanted for the wrong reasons isnt healthy. so i am searching for a sexaholics annomyous group as i type.

  • Pick up a bible. God loves you, he really does.

  • It's ok, you're just one of those people who learn the hard way. Good luck

  • you're just refusing true intimacy. typical behavior for what you've been through. it's a 'have many, love none' kind of thing. You'll come through it. If you want to.

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