Amanda & I on Molly

I was rolling of Molly. I was in the back smoking a cigarette rolling my b**** off. Amanda came down taking out the garbage. In tight ass light grey tights barefoot. Her ass was fat as h***. Cuz she walked past me. I said Amanda give me a hug. So i hugged her. I grabbed her ass. It was so soft. Amanda didnt say anything. Amanda said im bored. Mom is goin to john house. I gotta to Liz house. Said call liz and say that u staying home. I gave Amanda a gram of Molly. She took it. Amanda told her mom that she was staying home. I went to the basement. I was hiding. Candy came in the basement. She had on tight ass leggings and flip flops. The thing I did was I put 2cameras. Then candy went out the door ready to leave. Peg came in the basement f****** barefoot. Amanda text me sayin that she feels it. She said that she was naked and with baby oil all over. I told her come in the basement. Peg left. I hear Amanda comin down the stairs. I got naked. Amanda said I never felt like this ever in my life. Amanda started deepthroating my c***. I said lets go outside. So we are in the back. I was f****** her feet. We were rolling so hard we wanted to f*** in the public. So we got in my car. Amanda is sucking the s*** outta my c***. She almost puked Amanda said I dont wanna puke in ur car. I said f*** that puke everywhere. Amanda lets go in quick chek bathroom. I had on basketball shorts and tanktop Amanda had on tight yoga pants barefoot. I asked can u buzz the bathroom. So we go in. I started f****** Amanda a***. She s****** on my d***. I said aww f***. Still pounding her.Amanda said omg this feels so good. Then we left. Amanda said go to her granny house. We started f****** all over the house. Granny heardr Amanda moaning and she saw puke on the rug. Her granny said wtf and we left thru the basement. Then we went to Sammy basement. Amanda asked u ever f***** in here? I said yea. black Ashley. Amanda said u know black Ashley f***** and pipped off pop. I said no when and how. Pop had 3500$ on him. Ashley saw pop in quick chek and pipped off pop at the house for 100$. We left. Candy called Amanda. Amanda im comin to the house im drunk as h***. Amanda said ok but have company over and we f******

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